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50 years of the Avengers, assembled on one poster


I saw this on io9 over the weekend and couldn’t resist:a poster created by Michael Mateyko of Komboh for Emerald City Comicon depicting the membership of Marvel’s the Avengers over the past 50 years. It’s available as a print at their Society 6 store.

Venom? Dr. Octopus? They’ll allow anyone in these days.




OK, I’ve seen this a few time on Tumblr, and it’s been edited, which is good (although that’s still the worst Monica Rambeau I’ve ever seen.)

Maybe the next revamp will include Jewel/Jessica Jones, even if she herself believes she was the worst Avenger ever?


I think “Power Woman” is supposed to be Jessica Jones, even though I’ve never seen her called that before.

BeccaBlast, she’s already in there, but as Power Woman. it was a moniker that she kinda’ sorta’ had, and for like 5 minutes in the comics, near the end of Bendis run.

It’s kind of a neat reference actually.

The problem with this is it will be made obsolete every month or two.

Funny that heroes whose identity have changed multiple times just get a repeated codename, while Superior Spider-man is entered as “Otto Octavius”…. given what looks like the “rules” everywhere else in the poster it should have simply been entered as a second Spider-man, with the modified graphic.


March 5, 2013 at 4:15 pm

Loves Otto Octavius as a whole different person!

Mar-vell, Deathcry and Dr. Druid also missing.

Extremely impressive though. Would love a poster version.

Eventually, a poster of every Avenger ever is pretty much going to be a poster of the entire Marvel Universe. (Seriously, on the roster of major heroes, the only people I can think of who haven’t been Avengers are Cyclops and Johnny Storm.)

if otto is on there then shouldn’t the Skrull Queen be as well,she was treated as an avenger and on the team under a false identity

John Holderried

March 6, 2013 at 2:25 pm

Dr. Druid IS there. 4th row down, 3rd column from left.

Demolition Man, however, should not be included. He was never an Avenger – though he did IMAGINE himself to be, in one issue, that’s hardly the same thing.

No one can ever tell me what issue he formally became an Avenger – because he didn’t.

nice art work. shows the avengers are not picky of who they recruit if they even allow characters like dr. druid to join not to mention almost all of the defenders minus silver surfer. plus venom and sandman

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