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Andrew Robinson shares pages from ‘The Fifth Beatle’


A famous British band once sang about how it “Just Can’t Get Enough,” which is how I feel about the work of Andrew Robinson. But luckily for me, there’s about to be a whole lot more of him this year.

Robinson has been releasing pages on his DeviantArt page from his long-awaited graphic novel The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story. Announced in October by Dark Horse, it’s a biography of the famed manager who acted as shepherd/friend/taskmaster for the revelatory music group the Beatles. The graphic novel is written by comics newcomer Vivek J. Tiwary, a Broadway veteran with 25 Tony Awards for his work on The Addams Family, Green Day’s American Idiot and The Producers.

The Fifth Beatle has been a three-year labor of love for Robinson, creating the 120-plus pages entirely by hand using pencils, pens, markers, acrylics, watercolors, gouache and more. The project has drawn him away from the public eye save for some cover work, but that time away looks to be paying off.

5th_beatle_final_page_43_44_by_andrew_robinson-d5ysp55 5th_beatle_final_page_24_by_andrew_robinson-d5zcdrx



Looks very cool! But I’m obligated by my Beatles OCD to point out that Epstein was their manager, not their producer. That was George Martin.

This looks GORGEOUS.

Lance Roger Axt
The AudioComics Company

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