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Angela cosplayer celebrates Marvel’s Neil Gaiman news


Few were more excited by this morning’s announcement that Neil Gaiman will introduce Angela into the Marvel Universe than Kearstin Fay Nicholson, who referred to it on the Comic Book Resources Facebook page as the “greatest news I’ve heard all day.” That’s because the Chicago-based cosplayer won The Superhero Costuming Forum‘s 2012 Most Epic Female Costume Contest for her take on the Spawn character — and deservedly so.

You can see for yourself below, and on Nicholson’s photo gallery.






HELL YES Thank you for posting this! <3

I know nothing about the character but I have to say WOW to the detail and time it had to take to do that costume.

Great photography. Also: bonkers.


Dave Robinson (@dcrwrites)

March 21, 2013 at 3:41 pm

All that effort, but I would have loved to see a clear picture.

Too much flare. I know the whole Heaven, angel thing, but it looks like JJ Abrams got all over it.

Great cosplay though.

Backlighting is not your friend.

Wow, she built the harpoon and everything.

What an amazing effort to create such a brilliant costume ! Perhaps the photography could have been better, but you cannot deny the effort put into the costume itself is very impressive indeed !!
(The fact the model is gorgeous is also great)
Thanks for posting the photos

I’m looking forward to it! And to Todd McFarlane:

Ha ha ha ha!

Quick! Let’s find out how every other Angela cos-player thinks of this news!

Don’t get me wrong. She’s very talented, but I don’t understand the reason for this article.

I see it’s cool. And the characters are so beautiful!
Look forward to playing this game!

The blood on the ax ! It’s too fun !


Angela’s ridiculous.

SPAWN is ridiculous. The fact that it is A) still being published and B) still being purchased is beyond me.

If they really ARE pulling her into the Marvel U (I keep waiting for the “EARLY APRIL FOOLS!” announcement) I hope to God they ditch the terrible one giant boot oversized weapony thingee.

That being said:

She does a great job translating all of that over-done silliness into ‘reality’.

Congrats on being featured Kearstin! & thanks for mentioning The Superhero Costuming Forum Kevin!


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