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Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin tease new project


Back in October, Brian K. Vaughan excited a lot of fans when he teased he was “cooking up something special” with his Doctor Strange: The Oath collaborator Marcos Martin — an artist whose work never ceases to impress — but cautioned, we’re not quite ready to announce what it is or even where we’re doing it. Stay tuned.”

Well, it appears they’re just about ready, as demonstrated by three teasers that have popped up at Comic Book Resources, The Beat and EntreComics that read “Like,” “Follow” and “Share.” We can guess from the images that it’s some sort of futuristic sci-fi adventure, but that’s all we have to go on at this point.



(via David Aja, ICv2)




Follow, Share, and Like? Some social media commentary?


Don’t know what it is but it looks great.


I’m not the biggest fan of Vaughan–I love Runaways and his writing on Lost–and I’d rather have Martin stay on Daredevil art duties.

I’m far more likely to get a great-writer-decent-artist book than the other way around–I’ve stopped reading Batwoman and all the Bachalo and Immonen in the world won’t get me to buy all of Bendis’ X-Men books, but I made it through all of Larocca’s Invincible Iron Man and I’m still reading Action Comics in spite of Morales–but I might want to make an exception for this.

Obviously some sort of social media thing. Obviously I’ll be picking it up.

Will be interesting to see what stance BKV brings to the social media topic considering how he avoids using it.

I’ll likely check this out. But is social media commentary really all that new and interesting? I guess it’s relatively new to comics.

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