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By the Numbers | 52 flavors of ‘Justice League of America’


In “By the Numbers,” ROBOT 6 takes a look back at the events of the past five days … in numbers. This week, we focus on the success of DC Comics’ 52-cover gimmick for the debut of Justice League of America by Geoff Johns and David Finch, and how sales of the issue stack up against those of the recent Amazing Spider-Man #700 and record-setters like The Walking Dead #100 and The Amazing Spider-Man #583.

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1. 52 Variants Garner Million-Dollar Book (ICv2, March 12, 2013)
2. 16 Pounds’ Worth of the Best of Wolverine (Robot 6, March 14, 2013)



The only time I’ve ever bought a variant is from the 50c back issue bins. I’m not against the concept of variants, but I’d rather spend the money on more comics, a tradepaperback, or toys than one comic I already have the regular cover to. I wonder how many people bought Walking Dead 100 with the expectation it would be worth something in the future?

Jamie….i agree with you. For me, the variant craze started with Prophet #4. The variant was done by Stephen Platt. After that, you couldn’t get away from them. Valiant comics had their red/gold/platinum logo variants, Gen 13 had 13+ variants, etc. etc. Eventually, the craze died down but it seems to have returned with a vengeance.

And…if you wanna get rich, then you aren’t going to do it by buying comics on speculation.

The only time I went out of my way for variant covers was with Team Titans #1. For this each cover had a backup story with the character featured on its cover.

I’m the same way although I did get the Maryland variant of the JLA (my home state) simply because it was the same price of the standard cover. Figure what the hell since it was a slow week for me anyway.

I don’t pay much attention to variant covers. If they’re priced equally I will get the one I like best. Otherwise, I don’t stress over it. Although it is amusing to look at the weekly release info from my LCS and see Boom! Studios put out 17 comics in one week. Oh, whoops. Nope, only four. There’s just a lot variants per issue.

I think the Justice League variants were more for fun that anything else. The covers were all basically the same… same artist, but just a different flag. There really isn’t any compelling reason to get all of them. Other variants by different artists could lead some people to buy the variants to get the variant art work. I don’t think this applies here. The only people that would truly buy all of the covers are people that just need to have each unique iteration of a book as opposed to those who would want to enjoy the unique artwork that comes with the variants.

This sounds like the sort of variant that appeals to coin collectors. It’s a neat idea.


I think it’s kind of good, in the way it’s also completely insane. I wanted to get some variants, but there are so expensive, there’s no way I could afford it. Look at the Seige variants that go together. Sure, they are great collectables, but so hard to get and afford.

Does that make me want them more? Yes.

This reminds me of nothing so much as the 1990s speculator craze that nearly wiped out the industry at the time. The new Dc really is the old Marvel/Image. Jim Lee is one trick pony.

The thing I hate is buying a comic, taking it home to read and BAM!!!!! it’s an issue I already own with a different cover. Gets me every time.

What I wanna know is which variant sold the most and which sold the least.

I was a sucker for variants. Then when DC started putting out variants for almost every book it just got ridiculously prohibitive so I stopped collecting ALL variants and decided to just get variants when the art was actually done by a different artist (not the sketch covers).

Nevertheless, with JLA #1, I decided to get 5 copies. The regular US flag cover and the NY, PA, DC and PR covers since they represent where I was born, where I live, favorite state to visit and where I grew up respectively. I know I’ll eventually be able to get the rest in a few years in bargain bins.

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