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Comics A.M. | Dark Horse’s 25 years of manga; the digital ‘problem’

Trigun: Multiple Bullets

Trigun: Multiple Bullets

Publishing | Dark Horse President Mike Richardson discusses how he became one of the first publishers of manga in the United States, explains how the company selects its titles, and suggests some manga for first-time readers. [Previews]

Digital comics | Retailer Ron Catapano points to the comiXology server crash triggered by the response to the free Marvel comics promotion as “the problem with digital content that fans keep complaining about”: “I can’t read the books I paid for because I can’t save them on my own computer and I’m limited in what I can save to my tablet by the small storage on tablets.  Instead, the books I pay for are kept by comiXology and as long as I have a high speed internet connection available… I can log on and read my books on their web site or I can download a few to my tablet. BUT NOT TODAY … because someone decided it was a good idea to put 700 Marvel issue #1’s up for free at the same time.” []

Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Unlimited

Digital comics | Jason Snell kicks the tires on the new Marvel Unlimited iPad app. [Macworld]

Creators | Paul Cornell discusses the relaunched Wolverine, a collaboration with Alan Davis that debuts today as part of Marvel’s Marvel NOW! initiative. [USA Today]

Conventions | Tom Spurgeon, with assistance from Jen Vaughn, chronicles his Emerald City Comicon weekend, which included visits to several West Coast retailers and the new offices of Comic Book Resources. [The Comics Reporter]

Conventions | Too Much Coffee Man creator Shannon Wheeler writes, and draws, about his experience at South by Southwest. [Venture Beat]

Conventions | The Las Vegas Sun previews the June 14-16 Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con. [Las Vegas Sun]

Webcomics | Nikolai Dante creator Simon Fraser tells Emily Whitten all about Act-I-Vate. [ComicMix]

Graphic novels | The Rijksmuseum, repository of much of Rembrandt’s art, is collaborating with the creator Typex and the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Architecture and Design to create a graphic novel about the artist. [artlyst]



I’m less distressed by the Comixology overload/outage than many, and I don’t think the complaints Catapano cites are typical among actual users of the site. For what it’s worth, even Facebook and Twitter (fail whale!) have outages, and they have much more substantial infrastructure and tech staff than a small company like Comixology. It sucks, but I attribute it to growing pains. It isn’t like this is a normal thing for them. I could still read the dozens of issues saved to my iPad with its 32 gb capacity (I only keep 3.5 gb of comics at a time, and I delete issues after reading).

One change I’d like to see–I would prefer the app did not start downloads automatically after purchase. You can’t even turn that off in the settings. I usually just want to buy the issue and download it at a later date.

I have that Art Bomb shirt, too.

I disagree that this complaint isn’t typical among actual users. I’ve been to a number of Comixology panels at cons and this subject has been brought up at every single one I’ve been to. I am also an actual user and I have had this complaint.

Rich, regarding the automatic downloads, what I usually do is purchase the issues on the Comixology website and then go to my iPad and download the ones I want to read now (and save the rest for another time). This also has the potential added benefit of not giving Apple 30% of the purchase price, presumably splitting that between Comixology and the publisher. I’d rather the publisher get a bit of extra money than Apple (especially in the case of smaller companies).

That’s why I get my digital comics from, I can keep everything on my PC and upload as needed to my iPad.

Ziggy, Eventhough people may complain ComiXology’s model is a pretty good one. How many long boxes do you have in your basement/garage/attic? I have at least 6. And its a pain to go in the garage, move all the other crap out of the way to get to them and then search for the one I want. Its much easier to go online and have all my comics right at my finger tips. Also If you down load them to your computer you can have all of them locally.

PS how many movies purchased form iTunes can you keep on your iPad?

Jay, you can’t download them to your computer. That’s the problem.

Also, everyone meet Trevor. He’s super cool because since the system isn’t perfect that gives him the right to steal. Everyone lets all be awesome like Trevor.

Brigid Alverson

March 13, 2013 at 12:49 pm

The problem I had with comiXology is that I did have comics downloaded onto my iPad, but when the big crash came, it somehow locked me out of my account. This seemed to happen to a lot of other people as well. So I could see the comics on my iPad, but I couldn’t access them.

That said, I agree with Rich—it wasn’t a big deal to me. I usually only read single-issue comics once or twice anyway, so a brief outage doesn’t put me out—I had plenty of other stuff to read while I waited for it to come back.

Uhm, no, the complaint is not typical of users. The only people who wail against digital are the ones that decry that it’s stealing money from stores, or that digital comics are too expensive. This is the future. It’s happening. Comixology isn’t going anywhere. The outage was used as an excuse by the haters to say, “see, it’s unreliable.” Is the internet unreliable? Is anyone worried about games they download and store on the cloud? Or downloaded iTunes songs? It was two days, not the end of the world.

I went digital to Comixology and I absolutely love it. High demand of comics is awesome. High demand of digital comics is awesome. I don’t think anyone predicted there would be this much demand for these 700 comics. Comixology will come back better than before and more prepared for a tsunami like this.

I have had several problems with Comixology in the past year. On about 3 occasions I have had books that I purchased completely disappear from my archive, and wait for up to three days after exchanging several emails with customer service to have them restored. The Comixology App for kindle fire is dreadful with prices not being updated on books and sales being non existent on the app.

People like JRBirkhead are missing the point of the complaint: It’s not that digital is bad, it’s that we’re not actually BUYING the issues, but just getting licenses to read the comics. If comixology goes out of business (or if the server goes down) then that means all those comics you bought licenses for to read are no longer valid. Or maybe a stronger competitor pops up and makes an exclusive deal with a publisher like DC and comixology users lose access to all the DC comics they “bought” from comixology? Well, tough titties for everyone that put in a bunch of money on those comics, huh? I read plenty of online comics and have gotten some pdf’s from Kickstarter projects, but I refuse to use a system like comixology that won’t let me own what I buy.

Zingy, I never said I don’t buy comics, I just get my digital versions off of torrent sites. I already paid for these comics, I should be able to have a permanent digital copy if I want. That’s also why I don’t feel bad for downloading music I’ve already bought.

So Ziggy, get off your high horse and go back to crappily drawing your shitty comics.

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