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DC Entertainment launches family-friendly website

dc fan family

DC Entertainment has launched the DC Comics Fan Family blog, a family-friendly online hub designed to deliver content for parents to share with their children.

In addition to rundowns of the kids comics released this week and the free titles available on the DC Nation app, the website will include DC-themed activity sheets, craft projects, creator posts, contents and more.

“Our fans are parents too and we want to give families the opportunity to create new memories by sharing the DC Comics experience in a fun and family-friendly environment,” DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson said in a statement. “The DC Comics Fan Family blog is the perfect destination for parents to discover new ways to interact with their favorite Super Heroes – from building a Batman jetpack to cooking a Green Lantern-themed breakfast.”

UPDATE: DC has also partnered with children’s publisher Capstone for a contest asking kids ages 3 to 6 to write about the real hero in their lives. The winner will receive tours of the DC Entertainment offices and Warner Bros. Animation Studios, a collection of DC and Capstone merchandise, and $2,500 donated to the charity of his or her choice.

Coop with batwing pointing

DCCFF screenshot




SO, why does IDW have the rights to print all ages WB material like PowerPuff Girls and Dexter’s Lab??

And they cancelled all of their kid-friendly superhero books, including the ones pictured above….

So, some sort of announcement soon? Ahead of next week’s June solicits?

The left hand does know what the right hand is doing, right? Right??

Family Friendly site? Is Orson Scott Card going to have any thing appear on it?

“SO, why does IDW have the rights to print all ages WB material like PowerPuff Girls and Dexter’s Lab??”

Probably because DC is owned by the Warner Bros. Entertainment Group, whereas Cartoon Network is owned by Turner Broadcasting, and while, yes, the WBEG and Turner are both owned by Time Warner, they don;t always get along. Likewise, the New Line horror movie icons like Freddy and Jason have been published by comics companies other than DC, though I wonder if that can still happen since New Line became a full-fledged subsidiary of the WBEG in 2008.

Is the DC Comics Family Fun Blog….”W-T-F-Certified”!!

Must every comments section be a race to the bottom to drown everyone else in unfunny unwarranted snark?

Wow, cool announcement and comic fans come out snarking and negative. Shocking. Anyway, this looks pretty cool. I’ve already shared the link with my brother and also my sisters-in-law to look at with their kids.

It’s a good idea, obviously.

Too bad the comments section is already suggesting that “family” means “anti-gay” (as if gays can’t have families?) and other weird comments.

People often accuse the Big Two of not caring about the future of the medium, and/or about children/new readers. But if people are making fun of this, I don’t really see where many readers themselves care about the future either.

@Dan Ahn – Very well said. This is the type of good idea that you would think would be met with applause and not the usual fanboyish trolling.

I’ve got a good feeling about this. Notice the announcement came from Diane Nelson, not Dan Didio or Jim Lee.

Between something like this and the apology Didio gave to writers at the North Carolina retreat (with Diane Nelson right beside him), I think she’s paying close attention to how the ship is being steered, and isn’t afraid to get in there if she sees a problem.

Chris McFeely

March 8, 2013 at 3:45 am

This is a good thing.

It’s just a shame that the comics they publish starring all of these characters can’t also be shared by parents with their children.

This would be a great idea if DC did something other than publishing pornographically violent rape comics starring children’s characters.

I wasn’t snarking at the idea. i think it’s a great one. I’m just upset that the publishing line doesn’t seem to be coinciding wit this initiative. No superman Family Adventures, Tiny Titans, Brave and the Bold, Krypto, etc.

It’s just, hey kids! love Batman? check out “Death of the Family!” or the issue where Batman’s son Robin dies. (OK, fine, that’s snarky)

Instead, I’m hopeful that they cancelled some of these books so close to the launch of this site is because they have a new publishing initiative to go along with it. Aw yeah!

The kid-friendly DC comics are being published by Capstone, the publisher running the contest. Capstone is publishing easy reader-style books and beginning chapter books as well as comics formatted books. The publisher is more well-known to libraries and schools

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