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DC’s ‘Batman Beyond,’ ‘Justice League Beyond’ get new creators


DC Comics’ digital-first series Batman Beyond and Justice League Beyond will get new creative teams this summer, which will also see the official debut of the Batgirl of the future. reports Nightwing writer Kyle Higgins and Venom artist Thony Silas will take the reins of Batman Beyond, with Sean Murphy and Jordie Bellaire providing covers, while Avengers Academy writer Christos Gage and Superboy artist Iban Coello will take over Justice League Beyond. JT Krul and Howard Porter will remain on Superman Beyond.

However, before Higgins and Silas make their debut, writer Scott Peterson and artist Annie Wu will introduce the future Batgirl, who’s said to have a good working relationship with Commissioner Barbara Gordon, in her own story arc in July.

“… My take for the book is designed around exploring the next stage of Terry’s life, and the lives of everyone else we’ve come to know and love,” Higgins tells IGN. “Our first issue opens after a bit of time has gone by and a number of things have changed. I don’t want to give away too much, but I can say that Terry’s in college now, he and Dana are no longer speaking, the relationship between Terry and Barbara (Commissioner Gordon) is different … there’s definitely a ‘what happened?’ mystery that weaves in and out of the book. And when you see what did happen … yeah, I’ve probably already said too much! Oh, and our way into the story is through the lens of a big murder in Neo-Gotham. So, there’s that, too.”

Regarding his first Justice League Beyond arc, Gage teased, “The same kind of large-scale storylines they’re used to in a Justice League book, hopefully without ever forgetting that it’s the characters who make it all matter. For our first arc, Superman faces a situation he’s encountered before — his powers going out of control — but he chooses to deal with it in a way that is unique to the Superman of the Beyond Universe. The solution will come to involve all his teammates, and hopefully lead to some interesting character moments … and there’ll prove to be an old and deadly member of Superman’s rogues’ gallery behind it all. The storyline will also introduce a brand new character with a familiar name.”

Batgirl Beyond, by Annie Wu

Batgirl Beyond, by Annie Wu

A work-in-progress cover by Sean Murphy and Jordie Bellaire

A work-in-progress cover by Sean Murphy and Jordie Bellaire



I’m reading these and I can’t objectively tell if they are good or not. The positive nostalgia I have for the 90’s DC animated universe seems to trump all.

I love batman, but it seems new school Nu52 batman creators could look to those old stories for inspiration.

Ex… joker doesn’t need his face ripped off just for the sake of doing it.

Seriously that went nowhere .

Batman Beyond Unlimited is one of DC’s best ongoing titles. I’m nervous about a change of the guard but “cautiously optimistic”.

Do we know why the previous creators are leaving?

Some incorrect info about the creative teams. Beechen and Norm Breyfogle have been the regular creative team on Batman Beyond while Nguyen has been doing JL Beyond with Derec Fridolfs. And I’m also cautious about the creative changes as I’ve loved the book so far especially Breyfogle’s artwork.

If Breyfogle’s not sticking with it, I might jump off. So which is it?

Batgirl’s initial look was so visually cool due to the stark contrasting colors, but the look keeps getting greyed out and dulled in each incarnation, while Terry, Kate, and Dick acquired the contrasts of black and red that were once Barbara’s.

I love all the nit-picking about things that have absolutely NOTHING to do with whether the caracters or story are good… as well as people saying they will drop the book if the team changes, without even seeing the new direction or reading the story. These are the types of things that cause the industry as a whole to fail…. people get too involved in little details that are personal preference, and lose all sight of the actual character or story. If you want to complain about designs, I’d start by asking why someone thought a Batman of the Future should just be a black silhouette with a red bat and nothing more. Talk about lack luster….. The new Batwing design is what Terry SHOULD look like…. oh well, still an awesome book, and open to new creators and their visions as well.

wait…..didn’t Terry and Dana get married? in that one episode of Justice League or did that take place AFTER college cause they were much older.

if not then does that cancel out what was cannon in Justice League…

way to ruin a happy ending

Weird. Beechan Seemed to have a whole plan going. And it was going well too.
And for them to jump ahead with Terry’s story…. Interesting. Maybe. Kind of weird, creators getting moved around way too much at DC. How can the books have any kind of longform story going on, when everything is shuffled around. Even the shufflers get shuffled of late too! Gage is awesome though. Hmmmm.
This could be really interesting, but I kind of liked the whole continuation of the cartoon feel B.B. had going on. This whole jump ahead thing is kind of odd. Maybe if they did it for one or two arcs, it would be awesome… But to just stay a few years in the future is odd. Hope Bruce is still alive. Zeeesh.

Annie Wu! Annie Wu’s awesome. I’ll buy her issue, for sure.

Good riddance to Beechan. Pity Breyfogle can stay on longer

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