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Every comic should be promoted with paper dolls

dream thief teaser1

At a time when an overwhelming number of comic-book teasers consist of a cryptic phrase on black background, Dark Horse took a far more creative approach for Dream Thief, the upcoming supernatural-crime miniseries by Jai Nitz and Greg Smallwood. As you can see, the fun push for pre-orders comes in the form of a paper doll, above, and a papercraft figure — “Zero Points of Articulation!” — both of the comic’s protagonist John Lincoln.

The comic, which debuts May 15, follows the thief as he becomes a vessel for vengeful spirits after stealing an ancient mask from a museum.

“Dream Thief has a lot of superhero tropes: there’s a mask/outfit, there are non-traditional superpowers, there is a need for a secret identity, and there are incredible circumstances,” Nitz told Comic Book Resources earlier this month. “So I think a non-comics reader might easily classify it as a superhero book. But it’s a pretty straightforward crime story, and I think comic book readers will pick up on that. They’ve seen it all before from the cape and cowl set. It’s my hope that Dream Thief strikes a new chord.”

dream thief teaser2



One word: BUNTY.

Well, Marvel did publish a Marvel Legends Flatman figure in the GLX-Mas Christmas Special a few years ago, apparently listed as having “infinite points of articulation.” May’s Fearless Defenders #4 also has a “paper doll” cover.

I doubt that anybody’s ripping off anybody else. Everybody remembers paper dolls from when they were kids (my daughter has some now)–these things are just cyclical, and we’ll see them again.

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