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First look at manga biography of Steve Jobs


Yahoo! Japan has excerpted the first chapter of the serialized manga adaptation of Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography, debuting today in the josei anthology magazine Kiss.

Based on Walter Isaacson’s authorized biography of the late co-founder of Apple, the manga is Mari Yamazaki’s follow-up to her acclaimed historical comedy Thermae Romae, which concluded earlier this month. Publishing giant Kodansha, which owns Kiss, published Isaacson’s 2011 book in Japan.

There’s also a new nearly minute-long promo spot, featuring Yamazaki, which you can see below, along with some pages from the manga’s first chapter.



(via Crunchyroll)



Interesting. It seems a bit… spartan… though, given how much Apple became identified with that “white room” aesthetic under Jobs, that’s arguably appropriate.

I find it amusing that she’s using a Vaio.

So, random pages are in color?

I’d say it’s just the 1st page (what would normally be the 2nd page to you) that’s colored, with the rest being in black & white. If you read “backwards” that would be the logical outcome.

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