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Frank Cho chomping at the bit to do more creator-owned work


Although he’s now wowing readers with his work on Marvel’s Savage Wolverine, Frank Cho can’t help but hint at a return to creator-owned projects. Between process posts on his blog, Cho has teased not one but three creator-owned books he has in the works. And that’s not counting the ones he’s discussed before.

“2013 is shaping up to be one of my most creative and productive year,” Cho writes. “I have several creator-owned projects in various stages of completion.” This would be a return for Cho, who made his name doing creator-owned work like Liberty Meadows and made some selective returns with Zombie King and 50-Girls-50, looks to be thinking about a return while working on pages for Marvel.

Let’s see if we can count them off for you:

#1. The above image is from an unnamed project Cho is working on with writer Thomas E. Sniegoski. Described by the artist as a “quirky adventure story with heavy dose of comedy and horror.” No title has been given to this, but Cho named the file “Ghost Dog.”

#2. A long-discussed project with writer Joe Keatinge called Brutal. This was announced in July 2011 with plans then for it to come out this year, but Keatinge told us in an interview last month it’s been delayed somewhat by Cho’s work on Savage Wolverine. When this does come out — and I’m sure it will — it will deliver some of the hardest superhero punches around.

#3 Another one without a name, but this looks to be a return to form for Cho. Teased with just the briefest of text but with some art that’ll keep your mind going for a while, it’s apparently about a jungle woman wearing a skimpy leopard-skin bikini. Sound like Marvel’s Shanna the She-Devil? Perhaps. But this isn’t the Shanna Marvel would let you see. Cho states that this will be exclusively for the French comics market, citing censorship in American comics.

#4 This last one sounds like the most surprising, but also one that has the most outside chance of happening: a graphic novel biography of Depression-era dancer and actress Louise Brooks. Springing out of a conversation Cho had with someone who was unaware of Brooks’ work, the subject matter for this one seems close to Cho’s heart.



Cho’s been saying he wants to do more creator-owned work for years.
I’ll believe that something heading our way once I finally see it.

Wow, not even a mention of Guns and Dinos. I guess I should finally put an end to any remaining interest I had in possibly seeing that ever published.

That French market cavewoman has a posting date of September 12, 2010.

I’d love to see a return to Liberty Meadows, but I’ll see it when I see it.

Andrew Collins

March 6, 2013 at 3:39 pm

In Cho’s recent “Women 2″ art book, he name checks Louise Brooks about 2 or 3 times in his character design sketches, especialy the “Louise Brooks haircut” so it doesn’t surprise me that his apparent infatuation would carry over into a whole comic itself. I look forward to the results, and all of these projects, as well as Guns & Dinos (if that’s even still coming out…) and Liberty Meadows (also teased as returning at some point…)

Only annoyance is the apparent “Europe-only” release he is planning for what I guess is the uncensored Shanna series. I just can’t see that NOT coming out in the US at some point. If for some reason it does not, then I’ll be seeing how good my high school French has held up…

Forget mentioning Guns and Dinos, he doesn’t mention Liberty Meadows.

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