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IDW to reprint Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman comic strips

superman-silver age dailies

IDW Publishing’s Library of American Comics is partnering with DC Entertainment to reprint rare newspaper strips starring Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. The archival collections will debut in July with Superman: The Silver Age Newspaper Dailies, Vol. 1: 1958-1961.

Although DC and Kitchen Sink Press reprinted the first few years of the Superman and Batman newspaper strips in the 1990s, they only scratched the surface of the comics’ run: Superman, which featured the work of such creators as Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, Curt Swan and Wayne Boring, was serialized from 1939 to 1966. The Batman strip, originally titled Batman and Robin, saw three major runs — 1943 to 1946, 1966 to 1974, and 1989-1991. Wonder Woman’s newspaper tenure was much short-lived, lasting less than a year (in 1944).

The Superman daily strips will be released in three collections, organized by era — the Silver Age, the Atomic Age and the Golden Age — with Sunday reprints published in a separate, concurrent series later in the year.

“It’s like discovering an entire alternate universe of famous Silver Age comic book stories,” Dean Mullaney, who’s editing and designing the series, said in a statement. “It’s better than an imaginary story — it’s Jerry Siegel doing a remake of his classic Superman’s Return to Krypton! … it’s Curt Swan, not Al Plastino, drawing The Menace of Metallo. Superman fans might want to consider these strips as taking place on a brand-new world — Earth-N for Newspapers!”

Pete Poplaski, who created the covers for the Kitchen Sink Press editions, designed the covers, while It’s Superman! author Tom DeHaven wrote the foreword  for the Silver Age collection. The 288-page hardcover retails for $49.99. More details will be revealed soon about the Sunday reprints as well as the Batman and Superman collections.

The Library of American Comics has released acclaimed collections of such newspaper strips as Bloom County, Dick Tracy, Tarzan, Flash Gordon and Terry and the Pirates.



Very cool! Though oddly I already call the current New 52 DCU Earth-N… especially interested in the 1944 WW strips!

WOW. if they are as good as the comics…
then yes please gimme that,….

Not interested, however if IDW gives the same treatment as they did to the Dick Tracy reprints, those who are interested will be happy.

This is a ‘must buy’ for me. Particularly the Batman 1960s era with Joe Giella art that was reprinted in the ‘Smash!’ comic weekly in the UK.

So bought as long as I make sure none of them are the original Kitchen Sink stuff reprinted (will have to check each volume).

But if this does mean that DCU centric strip from the 80’s is included that will be awesome as I’ve always wanted to read those.

If they do as great a job as they did with the recent Star Trek newspaper strip reprint book, this should be a fantastic series of books.

Speaking of which… has this site done any coverage of the Star Trek reprint book? If so, I missed it.

I sometimes think that IDW is over-extended with their Library of American Comics. They keep adding new books, obscure and not-so-obscure, while seemingly dragging their feet on getting out Li’l Abner volumes (for example). On the other hand, I wish they or Fantagraphics had gotten the Hal Foster Tarzan. I can’t believe Dark Horse is actually going to print the book in a format even larger than LoAC’s Flash Gordon book with an enlarged price to boot.

I beleave these strips mostly preceded the same stories in the comics.In any case, Have been waiting for years to see these come out!

MIght actually have to check into these…I’ve been finding more and more often that era of books to be far more enjoyable than anything else being put out…

Yes Dave, according to the press release the stories here for the Silver Age collection were tweaked versions (different art and probably some plot points by Siegel) of regular issues of Superman/Action that had come out around the same time.

Which makes sense since Weisinger was editing the newspaper strips as well.

I have all of the Kitchen Sink collections, and I’ll be glad to finally have the rest of these strips. Esp Superman.

Hey, Tim —

Sorry it’s your impression we’re “dragging our feet” on LI’L ABNER. Fact is, ABNER is on an every-8-months schedule, and we’ve met that schedule pretty scrupulously for the series so far. Some books have indeed run late, often due to circumstances beyond our control, but ABNER has been one of those trains that’s running on time.

I hope that theTHE WORLD’S GREATEST SUPERHEROES strip (from the 70s or 80’s?) will be reprinted, IIRC art was by George Tuska

I mean, eventually. : )

This is great news. “They’ve” put out the early Superman
comic strips it seems twice and I’ve always thought
people would be more interested in the fifties on
so I’m on board. I remember once being in a comic
shop and when I asked about the dailies book
the kid warned me away, “it’s real old shit.”
It’s got a bad rep with the very young
and probably the not so young.

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