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Lana Lang to make ‘Smallville Season 11′ debut

smallville-lana langMore than four years after she last appeared on television, Lana Lang will return in DC Comics’ digital-first series Smallville  Season 11.

In the eighth season of The CW drama in the Season 8 episode “Requiem,” Lana was forced to leave Metropolis after she absorbed a kryptonite bomb into the nanoskin of her power suit, making her unable to be near Clark Kent.

“Since then Clark has not only gotten over Lana, but he has moved on with his life,” Season 11 writer Bryan Q. Miller, who also worked on the TV series, tells TV Guide. “He got engaged to Lois Lane and became Superman. “A lot has happened in Lana’s absence.”

According to the website, she’ll be reintroduced April 5 in “Valkyrie,” a storyline drawn by Season 11 cover artist Cat Staggs that follows Lois Lane on assignment for the Daily Planet to the Congo to investigate the Angel of the Plateau, a costumed superheroine — guess who! — fighting African warlords. Miller indicates “we will see a villain from Smallville days past” in the second chapter.

April 12 will see the debut of the spring’s main arc, “Argo,” in which Superman and Booster Gold travel to the 31st century to see the Legion of Super-Heroes. New chapters of “Valkyrie” will appear between installments of “Argo.” New chapters of Smallville Season 11 appear online each Friday.



Very cool. I was never a fan of Lana and Clark together but I did think that Lana got more interesting in the later seasons when she seemed to cross over to the dark side a little bit. Clark and Lois were always circling each other and that bomb of attraction between them was always just ready to explode. In a sense, Clark was forced to face reality and grow up once he was at the Daily Planet with Lois and the closer he got to Lois the closer he got to being the man he was supposed to be. There was a sense of poetry to all of it that Clark fought his destiny for years in the same way he fought attraction to Lois. Once he embraced them both, he was finally on the right path. But I always hoped that Lana found her own happy ending somewhere out there. (Though, to be honest, I still think it’s stupid she has powers as opposed to feel complete as she was as a human.)

More than anything though, I just always thought it was a wasted opportunity that Lois and Lana never got to interact more on the show given that the characters started out as allies in Season 4 and always had a ton of maturity together. I can’t really fathom these two characters being petty to each other because it’s just never how either woman rolled with each other. So this should be a great book.

I hope they don’t destroy it in this comic for us CLANA fans. As long as they don’t reunite Clark and Lana so Clark makes clear to all of us that he is happy with Lois and doesn’t loves Lana anymore I’ll be buying it. Just keep this as an adventure between Lois & Lana and let Lana give Lois her blessing. At least we CLANA fans can hold on to the tought that they will love each other forever like they said in Clark’s loft but they were star struck. CLOIS fans has got this comic book to enjoy them together but please don’t ruin our fantasy. Did Brian knows there is quite active CLANA groups on the internet, forums, Youtube and Facebook accounts? Kristin & Erica are great friends in real life, I hope this story borrows from that.

Well seeing they virtually poisoned the character to get her out of the way…seems it is the writers who needs to undo the major damage they did to a good character like Lana who loved Clark first.

The success of this show was on her and Clark’s young love…for 8 seasons and to toss her off like that was pretty much in bad taste. I know Lana and Chloe were closer than Lois and her ever were and would like to see that more. Clark never even thinking of his old friend/ past love and knowing she was chock full of poison never even showing a desire to look or check for her was rubbish too. I don’t care…he’s supposed to be Superman. But Smallville at times just thrived on soap opera and Clark just got my groat with his whining.

I just hope they don’t ruin Clark & Lois in this too
DC seems to love to destroy Lois&Clark’s romance in everything.

js, we must have been watching two entirely different shows.

@ daniel – How exactly is js wrong? The character of Lana Lang was not protrayed well in the Smallville t.v. series and the series was supposed to be about Clark’s life as a teenager before he became Superman and his relationships that help to mold him. The first 4 seasons were done well but then it did become very soap opera like and the writers did take a lot of liberaties with characters that have history. For example they intorduced characters that don’t exist and also introduced charcaters years before they would have first interacted with Clark. If the series would have followed the comic book characters a little closer I believe the series would have been more popluar. I also believe the series went on too long and started to “jump the shark” after season 4.

Elizabeth Kinsley

November 22, 2013 at 5:27 am

I’ve just started watch Smallville getting my daughter up for school. One of my questions is that Lana had superpowers once before and know in the episode I’m currently watching on TNT at 5am. Anyway my question is did the ever have a child? It’s apparent they were together! I would think a superman child could be great or is it already. I’ve never read a comic book so I’m not sure but is there a superchild

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