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Mike and Laura Allred’s home ransacked, computers stolen

Michael and Laura Allred's home, from 2007

Michael and Laura Allred’s home, from 2007

FF artist Michael Allred and colorist Laura Allred returned this morning from a trip to Arizona to find their home near Eugene, Oregon, burglarized.

“Just home from Arizona to met by cops,” Michael Allred wrote this afternoon on Twitter. “Our house has been broken into. Trashed. Computers gone. Monitors. And won’t know what else […] Appreciate all concerned. Teary eyes held high. Only tweeted this cuz won’t have access to emails for a while. Yay 21st Century!”

“Good will & happy thoughts are all we need,” he continued. “Main concern is getting next issues of FF in on time. Good timing with @Joe_Quinones guesting. It’s just stuff, right?”

The Allreds’ lakeside home was featured in 2007 as part of Comic Book Resources’ “Studio Tours” series.



That’s terrible. Hope this all works out. And hopefully fans don’t complain if FF issues do run late now because of this. Sometimes shit happens.

A more recent tweet suggests they may have a lead on his Mac tower.

oh, come on. This is horrible :( .

And naturally, it has to come at a time when the Allreds have gotten steady, ongoing, high-profile work.

Hopefully everything they had on the computers was backed up. They’re right though, ultimately it’s just stuff. I had my macbook stolen from my table at a convention in Mexico City. it stings but you get past it.

this couldn’t have happend to a nicer couple of people. I love the Allreds. Hope their stuff turns up, and everything ends up alright.

Awful. Wish them the best.

But, burglarized? You just made that up! I’m pretty sure we say burgled in English. Far less clunky LOL

This is horrible… I really hope they get those a@%#! But still, I can’t believe that he’s thinking about his unfinished pages at the time like this… That’s real pro for you… All the best Mike!

jesus christ! this world fucking sucks.

Erech Overaker

March 8, 2013 at 2:31 pm

Always one of my worst fears, someone snags my G5 tower that is pretty much a useless computer at this point to anyone that wants a “computer”, but it’s where I do/store all my art. Even backing stuff up, it would be a sort of loss you’d never be able to get over when you think of “oh yeah, this file never got backed up” or “never bothered to save that sketch I had worked on…” etc.

Horrible. Hope it all works out.

CrashPlan+ – $100 per year for unlimited storage with infinite version depth for 10 different computers. How can you not use it or one of its competitors if you have high speed Internet? Since I set it up two of my daughters have had complete HD failures and after restoration they were intact. I managed to delete some important tax info on my mom’s machine. A few clicks and it was back.

Offsite backup is cheap and easy now.

I’ve had this happen to me before and it’s a horrible thing. Had my home broken into and my car stolen. My thoughts and prayers go out to them.

My heart breaks for them….C’Mon Comicbooks Gods & em out <3

That is simply disgusting. Hope they find the guilty.

It had to be an inside job, someone who he knows, or someone who knew he’d be gone.


I’d be even more concerned over all that artwork, posters, books, and such. How much of that was taken, if anything? Seems obvious there was stuff to be had there and would be surprised they passed it up. Then again, they may realize it later…

That’s just vile. Thoughts with them.

Cheap. Best of luck.

I am very sad to hear this. I enjoy the FF work that you’re doing.

This sucks. It really sucks. I hope the cops find the jerks.

If it was Apple hardware, it should be pretty easy to track down the thieves.

Chris M., good news on that front:

“Bright side: art untouched (good luck trying to sell if they had taken any). So far only electronics & common replaceable gear taken.”

Really if I had the horrible crap that happened to the Allreds today, I just hope i would have the seemingly measured reaction that Mike has. Anyone that has seen my coverage of them know how much I admire the Allreds. Their pragmatic response has made them admire them even more.

Prayers ascending. Glad to read the bright side Tweet!

Tim O’Shea


The thought of them trying to sell anything, particularly on ebay, funny enough, went through my head as I wrote my post too.

I’ve come back from a trip before to have my house burglarized. And it was a specific item. Seems it was a total inside job.

How horrible… I’m so sorry…

I am lucky enough to know Mike and Laura…. I feel so bad for them…

This is horrible news. But hopefully they backed up their computers, right? Have copies of their artwork too. Hopefully nothing else was damaged or taken. Ah, I’m so heartbroken by this news and hope the Allreds emotionally are okay.

Hope they catch those thieving bastards.

Hope the Allreds get their equipment back safe and sound. Utterly crap news. I wish them all the best.

This is horrible! Unfortunately he says in the studio tour piece, “I stopped selling most of my originals a few years ago. This is where you aspiring art thieves should look first. ” in what I assume, of course, is a joking manner about an art cabinet/drawer. Some jerks out there see that as almost a dare. Hope they get it back. Terrible thing to happen to incredibly nice people.

:( why do people do things like this? I don’t know what i would do if something like this happened to me..

I live near Eugene as well, and it’s usually these jerkwater meth-heads breaking in and jacking stuff. EPD is borderline useless, but I have my fingers crossed they get their stuff back!

that’s just terrible. i’ve been burgled, so i know how it feels.

i remember that feature from 07. they truly did have some beautiful stuff; but as has been pointed out, it’s just stuff. there’s alway more stuff to be had. new stuff, old stuff…i hope you get your stuff back.

good luck allreds.

Well that’s lame
But good thing that they’re taking it so well. Just wish they’ll catch those assholes, I hate cowardly thieves

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