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‘Necessary Evil’ documentary to examine DC villains

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The bad guys of the DC Universe will be thrust into the spotlight in a full-length documentary called Necessary Evil: Villains of DC Comics, narrated by legendary actor Christopher Lee.

Announced today by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and DC Entertainment, production will begin this weekend at WonderCon in Anaheim, California, where fans are encouraged to dress as their favorite DC villain for a chance to appear in the documentary (there will also be opportunities at Comic-Con International and New York Comic Con). Filming will take place Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to noon at the DC booth (#801).

Necessary Evil will explore DC’s rogues in-depth through interviews with “with the famed creators, storytellers and those who have crafted the personalities and profiles of many of the most notorious villains in comic book history.”

“DC Comics is known for many things, but chief among them is the compelling, diverse and legendary society of supervillains who populate its universe,” Geoff Johns, DC’s chief creative officer, said in a statement. “From the monstrous Solomon Grundy to the brutal Black Adam to the charismatic Sinestro, there is no single greater collection of villainy in all of fiction. These villains are hugely popular comic book characters in their own right and, quite honestly, many are often times more popular than some of our iconic superheroes.”



Ah, finally, the Dan Didio bio-pic we’ve all been waiting for.

Ha ha! ZING!

Beat me to it Flack. :)

‘Necessary Evil’ – documentary to examine DC villains: DiDio, Harras, Lee and Johns ;)

Seriously people grow up already.

I’m looking forward for this. I love Christopher Lee and documentaries about comics are always welcome.

Documentary, or feature-length advertisement?

I hope that aside from narrating that Lee is allowed to make some insights of his own, having played a lot of villains over the years. His take on DC’s villains could be quite fascinating.

@ Dawnell_do
Who says to some people having fun: “Seriously people grow up already.”

Why Dawnell? Why?

Sounds pretty cool. DC has some great villains, as the awesome Alex Ross art can attest to.

But I would say hateful fanboys who whine and cry endlessly about any sort of change are way more villainous than DiDio, Lee, and Johns, guys who obviously love comics.

Christopher Lee. DC villains. Perfect combo.
Fans still complaining about the New 52; perfect idiots.

And an idiot complaining about people complaining; very brilliant.

What DC Comics really need is:
A complete change of direction and management.

The worst supervillains today are the editors and creative officers at DC and the fans who think all is well at Dysfunctional Comics…

Seconded with Steve Flack about the Dan Didio bio-pic…

Finally, a DC villain more villainous than Ra’s al Ghul, Lex Luthor, or The Joker!
(To be fair, nobody at DC’s a bigger villain than Darkseid, Mort Weisinger, or Jack Leibowitz… Dan’s just their lovechild. That or he’s a forgotten clone of a competent editorial officer from Bizarroworld.)

I hear that the Didio bio-pic is next in line after the video production company gets done with its Marvel Supervillains videos about Martin Goodman and Ron Perlman. They’re delaying the Bob Harras and Joe Quesada “Editors of Evil” line to fast-track the Didio bio-doc.

Who is between Grundy and Ivy?
Also, is that Clayface Between Scarecrow and Black Adam?

I like the Bizarro and Black Adam’s neck braces— er, Jim Lee collars.

Bravo for Ross’ commentary on the New 52 costume designs! Reminds me of his Liefeld Magog “hommage” in KINGDOM COME…

“Who is between Grundy and Ivy?”

Hard to tell without being able to zoom in, but looks a bit like T.O. Morrow

“Who is between Grundy and Ivy?”

I believe that it is Metallo. In the story, he looks human until he opens up his chest and tries to kill Superman with his Kryptonite heart.


and an idiot complaing about who complains about who complain about the new 52.


Ad infinitum

interesting but surprised they did not include dcs number one bad guy the joker when describing what this doc is about.

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