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Nick Spencer reflects on his aborted ‘Supergirl’ plans

Amy Reader's unpublished cover for "Supergirl" #62

Amy Reader’s unpublished cover for “Supergirl” #62

In the wake of twin announcements that Andy Diggle has left Action Comics and Joshua Hale Fialkov has exited Green Lantern Corps and Red Lanterns before their first issues could arrive on shelves, Nick Spencer recalled his similarly aborted plans for Supergirl in 2010.

The Morning Glories writer, who penned a well-reviewed Jimmy Olsen story in Action Comicseven as DC Comics eliminated co-features — was named in October 2010 to replace Sterling Gates on Supergirl only to be removed two months later, before his run could begin (he ultimately shared co-writing credit on Issue 60 with James Peaty).

Taking to his blog on Wednesday, Spencer shared his idea for a Supergirl story that would have featured such other young characters as Klarion, Arrowette and, judging from Amy Reeder’s unpublished cover, Robin, Miss Martian, Blue Beetle, Static and Batgirl.

“My secret hope was that the whole thing could work as a back-door pilot of sorts for a new Young Justice series,” he writes. “That obviously didn’t happen.”

“The idea for the story was pretty simple: Kara learns how to be a leader, Spencer recalls. “She had, to that point, been almost exclusively used as either a solo character, or in a supporting role on a team. I felt like someone wearing that ‘S’ on their chest would find people looking to them for answers when things got bad.” There are more details at the link.

Spencer, who writes Secret Avengers for Marvel as well as Morning Glories and Bedlam at Image, has been critical of DC, advising creators in January “to be extremely careful in doing business there.”

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Best idea ever. It’s ridiculous that DC editorial thought they could do better (they couldn’t).

Spencer’s idea for Supergirl is outstanding, and Kelly Sue DeConnick’s run up to the new 52 reboot was also very good. Too bad DC couldn’t find a better way to promote titles than use a half-assed crossover and reboot.

Spencer is usually good for a couple of issues on whatever he’s working on and then the title takes a nosedive. This description tells me it wasn’t a big loss.

Comic-Reader Lad

March 21, 2013 at 11:33 am

Glad Nick’s story as he described did not happen, but DC should have had a sample script in hand before announcing Nick as writer.

Obviously, the problem at DC is how editorial is managing their writing staff — the artists don’t seem to be leaving due to editorial interference.

I think the common denominator here is Matt Idelson. He edits Action Comics where Diggle left and one of the GL titles that Fialkov left. Did he edit Supergirl during Spencer’s time?

If Diggle left because he was told he had to tie in to Lobdell’s Superman and didn’t want to, this should have been made clear before Diggle accepted. It seems Idelson was holding back important information that would have changed Diggle’s mind about signing on in the first place.

And if anyone knows anything about shady business practices, it’s Nick Spencer!

It is a shame and DC is doing so badly with the Supergirl character of late. We have the Super spoiled brat from Krypton, who just whines and whines about wanting her home back, refuses to deal with reality and start becoming a hero. it is getting rather annoying and old

Is this where we’re all supposed to fall over and say, “wow, that’s amazing. shame on DC for not agreeing to this. we’ll never see anything half as good for supergirl again…ever.” ???

I really loved Spencer’s Jimmy Olson issues and Thunder Agents. But his Marvel work has been really weak IMO. It’s unfortunate things didn’t work out for him at DC. Based on his limited output there, he wrote stronger stuff for DC and probably could have been at a Snyder/Lemiere level had he stuck it out Vs being lost among Bendis, Hickman, Fraction, Gilliem(sp?), etc.

As for his his plot outline…he didn’t stick around, so it really doesn’t matter what he didn’t get to do.

Hmmm, I remember Steph’s (Batgirl) second to last adventure had Supergirl and many other young heroines in it helping out. Even implied future adventures with them had the series had gone on. I wonder if great minds were onto the same thought.

More evidence that DC management is clueless about what to do with creatives AND characters. Makes me think that the whole JLA movie debacle is really DC’s fault–not Warner’s.

DC is horrible, horrible, horrible with their creative and business decisions. This is yet another example of that.

Resignations and firings due to creative difference are not new the comics industry. Almost all publishers have had their periods where these clashes happened. It’s just that before we were all connected and socialized via the internet, most people never heard about it.

My only real complaint with the New52 DC (which pulled me back into the comics world) is that the story arcs are far too long and very little seems to actually happen. This is the case even in titles that I really love (can we please wrap up the friggin “Red/Green/Rot” arc in Animal Man for ever?!). Get to the point already!

This looks like something I would have really enjoyed with my niece. I don’t really get the point of having superboy and supergirl books that have nothing to do with the boy or girl part. This looks more like a interesting teenage read than a young college student adventure.

Why didn’t they call superboy superman light and supergirl superwoman?

Regardless of what you think of Spencer, you have to remember that Teen Titans at this time was at its absolute worst point in the team’s 45-year history, and DC should have been begging for someone to revamp Young Justice or replace the nightmare Titans book.

Erech Overaker

March 21, 2013 at 2:08 pm

That would have been rad to see. The character, despite Asrar’s amazing art, has been such a bore lately. Not really sure why we’re supposed to care about the character or her adventures at all, since it seems every few years we get some manner of reboot turning her back into a lost, confused noob of Earth. Nobody really seems to know what to do with her, this might have been a step in the right direction.

(also just mostly mad this reminds me that Young Justice got canceled on Cartoon Network)

Erech Overaker

March 21, 2013 at 2:10 pm

Also, any time to get new Amy Reader art is a good thing.

You would have to have rocks in your head to look at that cover and say “pass, now get out”

This story sounds like it would be better then most of the DC Reboot.

There’s only one problem with Spencer’s “backdoor” Young Justice: Damian. Who in their right mind would believe that Damian would accept Kara as a team leader? A character who BARELY worked well with the Dick Grayson Batman is supposed to be considered a “team player?” With Supergirl as “team leader?”

Yeah. All of you people whining about DC’s editorial overreach would be screaming at Spencer’s “lack of understanding Damian Wayne’s character” and demanding that he be replaced with “someone who gets Damian.”

“A character who BARELY worked well with the Dick Grayson”

JosephW, is that a joke? First of all, the entire point of B&R v1 (the majority of which took place prior to this) was to show how Damian was learning to trust others and work with them, take direct orders, learn the importance of teamwork, etc. This issue took place right at the end of that series, FYI. So stop with the “barely worked well with Dick” B.S.

Second, it would have been an INTERESTING story to see Damian’s unwillingness/hesitation to work with the Teen Titans (which we actually DID see in his TT crossover issue – TT 92) and how that would have played out, especially when the main person he’s butting heads with is a Super. And p.s., in that TT issue, Damian refers to Dick as his ONE TRUE FRIEND so again, calling B.S. on this whole “Damian didn’t get along with Dick” line. They were one of the best working teams in comics since the original Dynamic Duo.

I think this could have been enjoyable, although I’d still have rather had a Jimmy Olsen ongoing. And I don’t think anyone imagined Damian as a team player, JosephW. Conflict drives stories and the internal conflict of Damian trying to take over leadership from Kara could have been a great plot point for an ongoing series.

For me, it’s not so much that DC and Nick Spencer don’t see eye to eye. I’d rather see Nick Spencer work on his own stuff anyhow.

It’s that the final DC product that hits the stands is generally lame and getting lamer.

This would have been a comic to read. Sounds like a good follow up to Sterling Gates. But then DC got the bright idea for New 52. Ugh.

In one hand that take doesn’t seem to be a particularly interesting one as Supergirl as leader is not something you can keep interesting for readers more than a year, on the other hand DC have been mistreating creators left and right since Didio got there.

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