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Quote of the Day | Maguire on ‘Quantum and Woody’ revival

trinity angels1“We Acclaim creators signed contracts before we started working on our projects that had a clause saying we could buy the rights to the material back for half the profits the material made in the previous 3 years. Several years after Acclaim went under, Priest and Bright tried to get the Q/W rights and were told that the contracts we signed were never submitted to a different division of Acclaim and were thus considered invalid. Someone else came in and bought up all the Valiant/Acclaim leaving us with nothing. I’ve been following what Priest/Bright were doing because I wanted the rights to Trinity Angels back. But the legal fees it would cost to get it back would just be too much for us. I’m pretty sure Priest/Bright are not pleased with the new Q/W, but I don’t know that for a fact. As I said, I know if they went in and re-vamped Trinity Angels, I would be furious. There are only three properties that sprung completely from my imagination — Strikeback, Trinity Angels, and Tanga. I consider them my children and would not abide anyone else giving voice to those characters.”

Kevin Maguire, creator of the 1997-’98 Acclaim series Trinity Angels, reacting to news that Valiant Entertainment is resurrecting Quantum and Woody, the mid-’90s brainchild of Christopher Priest and Mark Bright. “I will announce right now that if they have any intentions of re-vamping Trinity Angels without me, I will be 1000% against it,” he said. “I should have the rights to the material, just as Priest/Bright should have the rights to Quantum and Woody.”

In an interview today with Comic Book Resources, Valiant CEO and Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani said the company has spoken with Priest and Bright “about a bunch of different projects — most recently one that I’m super-excited about.” “We have a couple things up in the air with Chris, and we’re pulling to circle back and solidify them now that we have the new series up and running in a place we’re happy about.”



Very interesting. I await a statement from Priest and Bright.

I am excited for a new Q+W, even if it won’t be continuing the sadly uninterrupted story from the original. But that last quote from the Valiant CEO? That was basically corporate gobblydygook. What the hell does “we’re pulling to circle back and solidify them” even mean? And it certainly isn’t an answer as to why Priest and Bright and Maguire were unable to do what their contracts said they were able to do.

@Damabupuk: Not only is it corporate gobbledygook, it indicates that Shamdasani never personally spoke with Priest (who does not like being called “Chris” and will tell you so). That doesn’t mean he’s not telling the truth; it could be someone else at Valiant has indeed been in touch with Priest and Bright on his behalf.

As for the contracts, well, I can see a few reasons why Shamdasani wouldn’t comment on that: first of all, he wasn’t asked (Maguire’s comment came after the interview); second, he might not know (the contractual issues occurred during Acclaim’s tenure and he wasn’t there); third, it’s a pretty bad idea to publicly comment on legal issues without running it past the company lawyer first.

Per a newer Robot 6 story ( ), Maguire has spoken with Valiant representatives and smoothed things over. I think that’s a good sign that the company is acting in good faith and trying to do right by the creators who didn’t get what Acclaim promised them. I sincerely hope we hear something out of Priest and Bright soon and that it’s something positive; I’m still disappointed by the idea of Quantum and Woody done by another team, but I’m far more concerned about whether the creators are being treated with respect.

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