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“I’m delighted to say that many more people paid us than didn’t. Those who opted to pay something paid at least 99 cents, and I don’t think too many people paid more than $5. Three bucks, the cost of most new paper comics, seemed to be a common payment.”

– writer Brian K. Vaughan, revealing to The New York Times the lowest and highest amounts paid for the first issue of The Private Eye, his digital collaboration with Marcos Martin and Muntsa Vicente. Readers were encouraged to name their own price, with 99 cents as the recommended amount.



basically cements my belief that $1.99 should be the charge for digital comics. While I’m sure publishers will profess that they charge cover price online in order to preserve brick-and-mortar retailers, there really isn’t any other justification. I cannot believe that the overhead for a digital comic is the same as print: I’m sure comixology takes a cut, but there’s no retailer, no shipping costs, no Diamond, and no paper or printing expenses. Digital comics should not cost as much as paper comics. There’s a reason why Warren Ellis’ new novel, Gun Machine, cost me $12.99 on my e-reader, while a physical copy would’ve cost $28.99 in-store or $19.13 online.

I estimated the price of one page of a printed comic and then I paid half that price/page for Vaughan’s digital comic. That was $2. I’ll pay the same for future issues.

I paid 99 cents, which is what I feel is the right price for a standard digital comic.

I paid $5. Now I won’t pay that every time but I will pay something around $2 which seems fair since there was no print edition that would have helped cover the creator costs.

I paid $2.99 for an initial bump in sales. I don’t think that’s particularly logical, but it feels right.

will this ever be printed? definitely want a trade.

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