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Quote of the Day | Todd McFarlane on Angela’s Marvel debut


“The health of the industry is based upon having good stories and good characters, and a wide customer base. If bringing some of these characters back to the fold in a meaningful way adds to that, then it just strengthens our industry. […] “Good stories that entertain are something that we all should applaud on any level. Whether we’re doing it directly at Image Comics, or at our competition, it helps keep our industry that we love alive. I will sit back and be as interested as anyone else.”

Todd McFarlane, who was embroiled in a nearly decade-long legal battle with Neil Gaiman over the rights to the characters they co-created in Spawn #9, responding to the announcement last week that the writer will introduce Angela into the Marvel Universe this summer. McFarlane also confirmed to Newsarama that as part of the 2012 resolution to their lawsuit, Gaiman owns the rights to Angela outright.



But what about her Spawn symbol earrings?

It’ll be interesting to see how this happens.

I’m hoping we finally get Marvelman out of this.

Kudos to Mr. McFarlane for being positive.

I don’t think Angela would be appearing in Marvel if they didn’t own her outright. So I think that Gaiman sold her to Marvel.

Tom Fitzpatrick

March 27, 2013 at 3:01 pm

@ Hondobrode: If we get the Alan Moore reprints, and the Neil Gaiman reprints, AND the conclusion to book five and six.; THEN I can almost DIE happy!!!

I’m STILL waiting for Matt Wagner to start and finish MAGE III and THEN I can DIE for good! ;-)

Jake Earlewine

March 27, 2013 at 4:27 pm

What, another girl with a sword? meh.

Somewhere Valkyrie is like, “Oh no she didn’t!”

Can someone please give me a good reason and argument as to why i the name of god Angela is needed in the Marvel Universe? Jeeze louise, she’s not that great or interesting a character, and it’s not like they don’t already have characters like this in the MU! It’s just a never ending parade of stunts, gimmicks and Wolverine books with Marvel these days, all to the detriment of their Universe (which I used to utterly love btw) So glad I gave up reading their books a few years back, I mean I sure do miss them, but in the words of John Lydon, ‘Do you ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?’ Well I did with Marvel, and it’s stupid stunts like this that are why.
PS, i’m sure Marvel Man/ Miracle Man were great stories, but he really is the most visually uninspiring and boring looking character I’ve ever seen!

Can someone give me a reason why I should care one iota for this Angela character? It just smacks of “nineties bad girl” comics that were all the rage for young masturbating boys back in the day. What next, Alley Cat? Shi? Glory?

MaxP, I hear what you’re saying and do agree to a certain extent. However, I dove back in to monthly comics with Marvel NOW and I am loving the vast majority of the books I’ve read. They’re doing more right than they’re doing wrong these days. Give it a shot. You may be surprised.

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