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Quote of the Day | ‘We could literally kill Rick at some point’

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“I just think what he does is really brave. He really loves these characters as well, and it makes it unique that we’re able to do this. We could literally kill Rick at some point. I’m not going to say we are, but why not kill him? There’s no reason. The Walking Dead could easily survive without Rick, and I personally think it would be incredibly interesting. We could do it in some random issue where the reader isn’t expecting it, not like issue #150 or some anniversary issue. I think it would be very cool.”

The Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard, talking with Comic Book Resources about writer Robert Kirkman’s penchant for shocking readers in the popular horror comic



Yes, for this series to survive, Rick MUST die, and leave the legacy to Carl. Rick has become repetitive with his psychotic inclinations and monologues. Someone will have enough of his sociopathic tendencies and kill him.

It’s not the first time this has been pointed out, I remember Kirkman even saying Rick can die around the time the Prison Arc ended. (sorry no link, it’s either CBR or Newsarama) I think Rick will die sometime soon, but if that is the case, they need to bring Carl back out into the world.

I only read WD in trades, but with the last time I saw the state of Carl, I don’t think that’s a great option.

Jake Earlewine

March 12, 2013 at 4:19 pm

Well of course he could “literally” die, he’s a fictitious character. The only way characters from literature can die is literally.

I’d go so far as to say it’s inevitable. I don’t know about soon, but it’s going to happen eventually.


The trouble is that the cast is running out of characters I care about. The last characters who joined the series who I really felt any kind of bond with were Abraham and Eugene — and that was, what, half the series ago now? And I still just kinda shrugged when Abraham went down.

Issue #100 was definitely a huge gut-punch, but they’re running out of characters whose deaths can have that kind of impact, and they’re not replenishing the supply. I don’t know whether the new characters are less interesting by their nature or whether I’ve simply become too jaded at this point to GET attached to any of them, but either way it’s making it tough for me to care when anybody introduced after issue #50 dies, and I’m not sure what Kirkman and Adlard can do to change that.

It’s a nitpick but I hate how people overuse the term “brave” to pretty much describe anyone’s behaviour. Killing off the main character is not brave. If anything, the term “daring” would be more appropriate. I apologise – it’s a pet peeve (don’t get me started on how everyone calls athletes and sportspeople brave!!!)

Walking Dead rocks. I can’t see Carl becoming the main character, but killing off Rick and concentrating more on Michonne would certainly take the comic to a new level. I’d like to explore her character a bit more than the stern, samurai warrior type. Her oneshot only touched the surface of a complex character.

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