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‘Saturday Night Live’ takes aim at ‘The Walking Dead’


If the blockbuster television ratings didn’t already certify The Walking Dead as a pop-culture phenomenon, then a Saturday Night Live parody undoubtedly cements that status.

Over the weekend, NBC’s sketch-comedy show set its sights on the apocalyptic drama with help from host Kevin Hart as Lyle, a survivor who wants nothing more than to join Rick’s group. As they deliberate, Rick is surreptitiously bitten by a walker, exposing some issues within the group.

However, the best part of the two-minute sketch is Nasim Pedrad as a remorseless Carl: “I’m good at killin’, and I feel emotionally fine after I do it!” Watch the video below.



If terribad was a real word I would use it to describe this video.

I miss the days when Saturday Night Live used to be funny.

how does it stay on the air?

what do ya know! A series of used jokes sold as something new by slapping walking dead on them

Rollo Tomassi

March 5, 2013 at 5:36 pm

That was almost as awful as an actual episode of The Walking Dead.

Geez SNL sucks so bad.

Scary movie comedy

Lazy liberal writing. So very UNFUNNY, and BORING….

“liberal” writing. Thanks for a laugh. Presumably more of one than I’ll get by watching the video.

That actually wasn’t a bad episode of SNL, but that skit by itself was pretty terrible.

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