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Separated at birth? Lamborghini Ferruccio and the Batmobile


Lucius Fox may have some serious competition from English designer Mark Hostler, who created a concept car to celebrate this year’s 50th anniversary of Lamborghini that bears a striking similarity to an automobile seen prowling the streets of Gotham. Or, in the words of Jamal Igle, “It’s the f*cking BATMOBILE!!!!!”

The Lamborghini Ferruccio is equipped with a 5.0-liter V12 engine featuring twin-turbochargers and a direct-injection system, although presumably it doesn’t include a mobile Batcomputer or Bat-tering Ram. Still, it’s likely only someone with Bruce Wayne’s wealth could afford it.






This is interesting considering a District Court just ruled the Batmobile is a copyrighted character.

Does DC have an argument that this is infringing?


Does it come in black?

It looks kinda like the HR Giger designs from Batman Forever but I still would love one

How do you enter the car? I mean, besides having to have dropped a bat-load of cash first?

Thank god it doesn’t have that ugly ass Bat-face on the front.

We get it Alex Ross, you love it. Doesn’t mean we all do.

Re: Anthony

There are no bat-logos for lawyers to latch onto. It’s just a very stylized car.

Stephen Conway

March 11, 2013 at 1:32 pm

It’s a concept car. It will more than likely not go into production beyond maybe a one-off to be wheeled around the big car shows.

As for DC having a legal case, not likely as it will never be a commercial venture and Lamborghini are not calling it the Batmobile. Incidentally they did have a car a few years back called the Murcielago, which is Spanish for bat.

It’s hard to look at something as flimsy and phony as a sports car and think “Batmobile” anymore. Nolan was right to look to DARPA for the prototype for the Batmobile. If Batman wants to have any kind of realistic chance of winning the war on crime, he needs real military hardware not flash.

Lamborghini clearly want Bruce Wayne’s money.

Seeing this vehicle makes me think it might be time to do something with that empty cave i have under my mansion on the outskirts of the city. Allllllllllllllfred, get in here!

Here’s the actual Batmobile:

Lamborghini Veneno
Three made. Sold Out. Two were sold to Americans.
3 million euros ($3.9 million)
“UNDER THE HOOD: Powering the Veneno is a 12-cylinder engine and a seven-speed transmission with five different driving modes. Lamborghini says the Veneno can reach 220 m.p.h. and accelerates from 0-60 m.p.h. in 2.8 seconds.”

Carbon fiber body.
The front is designed as a wing to keep the car on the ground.

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