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Stan Lee will return to ‘The Simpsons’ next season

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Comics legend Stan Lee will pay another visit to Springfield next season, playing himself in an episode of Fox’s The Simpsons.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the 90-year-old Lee will pop by The Android’s Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop to offer advice about comics and romance to Comic Book Guy, whose budding relationship with a young Japanese woman/manga fan stands to be ruined by Homer.

Hopefully this time Lee annoys Comic Book Guy a little less than he did in his first appearance on The Simpsons, in the 13th-season episode “I Am Furious (Yellow).” Next season will be the show’s 25th.

Stan Lee, from "I Am Furious (Yellow)"

Stan Lee, from “I Am Furious (Yellow)”



Great news!

I stopped watching the SImpsons a few years back but this will make me watch again.

yep! I also quit watching it about 5 years ago.So, Wil relent just for this episode

Oh common Homer, this Comic guy a CHANCE! You’re the MAN, Stan!

I had no idea the Simpsons were still on.

hopefuly this time not only will stan not drive comic book guy totaly nuts but also when he is done giving advice be nice and leave the android dungeon when comic book guy wants to . can’t wait for stans revisit to springfield. hopefuly his advice helps comic book guy keep the romance.

See, CBG was ACTING annoyed, but I don’t think he was REALLY annoyed. Remember at the end of the episode where he says “If only you had the power to leave my store?” As he says it, he’s putting a hand on Stan’s shoulder and USHERING HIM BACK INSIDE.

Because Jeff Albertson is the ultimate fanboy. He acts mean and jaded — but he’s actually thrilled to have Stan Lee around and doesn’t REALLY want him to leave.

…and to those who haven’t been watching Simpsons lately: yeah, it’s been pretty bad the last few years. But the Neil Gaiman episode is also worth tracking down.

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