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This Judge Death cosplay is absolutely terrifying


I saw this, via the Twitter feed of PJ Holden, and shivered. There’s lots of people cosplaying as Judge Dredd these days — in both flavors, comic and movie — but I’ve never before seen anyone make an attempt at his most iconic enemy, Judge Death.

Well, that’s changed, as DeviantArt member “warrior1944” (presumably called Peter Olsson in real life, but it’s hard to tell from his site) has done a helluva job of capturing the essence of Brian Bolland’s design. Of course, we should all be at least a little bit worried that someone could be so inspired by one of the most chilling mass-murderers in comics, but that’s really between this kid and his psychiatrist.

Updated: 2000AD have been in touch to point out that these costumes are being sold without approval or license. While they’ve no issue with cosplayers dressing up as 2000AD characters, infringing on their copyright with the commercial sale of costumes is another matter altogether. The Rebellion folks are known for their close relationship with the official licensee on these matters, Planet Replicas. Presumably, all parties are taking action on this right now.

judge_death_has_risen__by_warrior1944-d5ylcs2 judge_death_by_warrior1944-d5ylhy6



Holy cow… That’s perfect!

The crime issss life, the ssssentance isss DEATH!

hi this looks very near to the comic creation , well done.. Was wondering what scale it is ??

And just like that, I shat myself!

Actually, it’s only that one unique sculpt that is for sale. No additional ones. Maybe it counts as fair use, I dunno. If not, 2000AD can go frag themselves, because no way in hell could their massproduced trinkets rival this piece of art.

Wrong Fobba Bobba, if you check the website he’s selling the pieces as individual mass produced like belt buckles. Lets hope George Lucas doesnt catch up with this Headhunter guy hes also selling Star Wars blaster rip offs.

The Judge Death gear is all made to order. Everything mass produced is made from fully licensed kits.

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