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Watch exclusive trailer for Dark Horse’s ‘Bloodhound’ collection


Dark Horse has provided Comic Book Resources with the exclusive debut of its trailer for its collection of Bloodhound, the 2004 series by Dan Jolley, Leonard Kirk and Robin Riggs.

Originally published by DC Comics, the title follows Travis “Clev” Clevenger, a brutal ex-police detective who specializes in finding superhuman criminals. Sentenced to prison for the murder of his partner romantic rival, Clev reluctantly accepts a deal from the FBI to track down a super-powered serial killer before he can strike again.

Titled Bloodhound, Vol. 1: Brass Knuckle Psychology,  the 198-page collection includes issues 1-4 and 6-10; DC’s Firestorm appeared in the fifth issue, and therefore it couldn’t be part of the Dark Horse edition. Jolley suggested to Robot 6 in January, when the collection was announced, that there could be life for Bloodhound beyond this volume.

“Whether or not more Bloodhound stuff comes out depends on a number of different factors, and the public’s reaction to this collection is certainly one of them,” he said. “But no, the story is far from complete. I’ve got at least several more years’ worth of material ready to go.”

Bloodhound, Vol. 1: Brass Knuckle Psychology arrives in June.



Not really sure why they think Bloodhound will do any better than it did at DC. Sounds completely uninteresting to me. Personally, with what Jolley did to Firestorm, I have no desire to ever read any more of his work.

Bloodhound was a great book, canceled way too early. I look forward to the collected edition, and to the new story coming in Dark Horse Presents.

In defense of Dan Jolley, I’ve spoken to him in the past. His Firestorm work was micro-managed and rewritten by that asshat DiDio, much like the entire DCU is today. Jolley’s work on the great JSA Liberty Files guarantees that I’ll check out anything with his name on it.

I picked up the first four issues from Moose Baumann at Wizard World Chicago a few years ago. I loved the book but haven’t been able to find the rest of the series. I’m anxious to get the collection!

I’m totally torn about this. I haven’t seen the video yet, and I feel like I have to because those are all my husband’s lines on the page… but icky gory and some junk!

This was a great series. I bought every issue. Glad to hear it could return. Clevenger was a smart character with a lot of potential: a criminal profiler who tracks superhumans. It would make a great TV series.

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