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What if corporate-owned heroes had corporate sponsors?

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Booster Gold was introduced in 1986 as a glory-seeking time traveler eager to sign endorsement deals, and in his appearance on The CW’s Smallville wore a costume emblazoned with corporate logos, similar to a NASCAR racing suit. But what if other superheroes followed in Booster’s footsteps?

In his series “Sponsored Heroes,” Roberto Vergati Santos envisions costumed heroes from comics and films if they were getting some sweet, sweet sponsorship money from the likes of Nike, Apple and Coca-Cola (although why a cosmic entity like Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds, would need corporate cash is beyond me).

Some of the results a much better than others. You can see a sampling below, or view the entire series at Behance.

sponsored heroes4

sponsored hereoe1

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Stark pumped BK not Mickey D

I saw these elsewhere, and they had a Hulk with a Monter Energy Drink logo tattooed on him. I’d say that one was one of the best of this series.

In the movie “Mystery Men”, the character of Captain Amazing did that as well; company logos all over his costume/uniform. Hilarious!

Have we already forgotten Captain Amazing (Mystery Men)?

Forget Mystery Men, have you forgotten Booster Gold?
Dan Jurgens beat y’all to the punch by three decades.

These would make more sense and have a lot more bite if the photoshopper had done a cursory web search and associated the characters with companies that use them/their image.

It makes plenty sense already.

Dave Robinson (@dcrwrites)

March 12, 2013 at 2:52 pm

I guess with Wolverine, Adidas means “All Day I Dream About Snikt”

In Japan, the series is called “Tiger and Bunny”

So….Tiger and Bunny, then.

I’m glad someone in the comments knows about Tiger and Bunny.

Skulltown Jelly

March 12, 2013 at 3:26 pm

So you’re telling me all I need to do to get robot6 is poorly photoshops logos on movies stills and comic frames? This is worse than ‘animals close up with a wide angle lens’.

Stitch Tuesday

March 12, 2013 at 9:06 pm

Guys, don’t forget about Pepsiman! He had his own video game!

Another plug for Tiger and Bunny! It’s about corporate-sponsered superheroes who compete on a reality tv show. It’s a very good show that starts off like a comedy but gets darker as it goes along. For those who want to see it, it’s currently streaming dubbed on Neon Alley. And the first half is now availabe on blu-ray. I rexcommend checking it out! It’s definitely something that would appeal to a more mainstream audience. Too bad it doesn’t get enough publicity. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a manga series right now.

whoops, I just found out there wil be a Tiger and Bunny manga! Viz will be releasing it soon.

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