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You won’t find ‘Sex’ in Apple’s App Store


It seems Sex doesn’t sell, at least through Apple.

The new Image Comics series by Joe Casey and Piotr Kowalski debuted Wednesday virtually everywhere, except on the Image Comics iOS and comiXology COMICS iOS apps, as it ran afoul of the App Store’s frequently bewildering rules governing sexual content.

As that policy isn’t likely to change for subsequent issues, the publisher is suggesting that readers purchase digital copies on iBooks or directly from the Image Comics website, and then sync them to their iOS device and preferred app. Sex is also available on the comiXology website.

Announced at Comic-Con International, Sex follows a retired superhero as he tries to adjust to a “normal” life. Casey told ROBOT 6 in January that, unlike so many superhero comics, the sex in this monthly series doesn’t remain off-panel. “This is a book for adults, and I’m assuming adults can handle whatever adult situations we choose to show on-panel,” he said. “I could be wrong about that …  but I guess we’ll all find out, because there’s going to be plenty of things that will stay ‘on-panel.'”

Sex #2 goes on sale April 2 … just not in the App Store.



Simon DelMonte

March 7, 2013 at 1:17 pm

As much as this doesn’t appeal to me, that is my choice and not Apple’s. I find their censorship of anything suggestive a good reason to consider to switching to Android. (You can’t even download Chrome without being prompted about “adult content” because it’s a web browser and there is apparently smut on the Internet.)

Apple sells it through their own iBooks ebook store, but not through the Comixology app?


I read “Sex” and had to download it through the comixology website.

It was a good read, worth buying issue 2 at least. The best part, however, was Casey’s essay at the end of the book.

That being said, I do find it silly that comic books containing graphic violence are fine to purchase, but a comic featuring a fairly lame (as was the point in the book) sex scene is too graphic to be published.

I haven’t read it yet but I plan to. I’ve always been intrigued by challenging and confronting art. Never been a fan of censorship.

I have no idea how I would purchase it elsewhere and then sync it to Comixology on my iPad. And TA is right, why can we buy it through iBooks without a problem? Also, it Sex Criminals also going to have this problem? And wasn’t Black Kiss II available through Comixology on the iPad?

There are TONS of comics on Comixology with graphic content. I don’t see why this book is any different than those.

So glad I switched to Android last year.

Yet another reason to avoid Apple products.

I’m so tired of this censorship. You cannnot have a single shit or fuck a bare ass or tits in a mainstream comic book. Time to time a damn or crap(crap is okay but shit is too vulgar?….hmm, makes sense) but nothing I would consider adult content. Weel, I guess they don’t wanna lose the kiddies they are writing their coloring books for? Am I right?

Yup this is Apple’s decision to make, companies do make business decisions every once in awhile. Book seems overly gratuitous anyways.

This is terrible news. Hopefully an outcry will force Apple to, at the very least, open an adult side of their site. Censorship of any kind is very bad, especially with a comic done tastefully like this one.

I reviewed it and, after two readings, really enjoyed it. Check out my review here:

Had the same wrangle with Black Kiss II last year. Had to purchase on comixology’s website and then download to device.

Wouldn’t complain though… At least I could get to read it that way because it sure wasn’t being carried in stores!

On android now, so I’ll go through and get it that way!

I purchased Sex #1 through comixology via my web browser (I also purchased Black Kiss, Black Kiss2 and Story of O at the same time, call me inspired). Anyway, lo and behold, I CANNOT for the life of me find these titles through the comixology app on my Nexus (I usuallyu just log off my account on the nexus, log back in, find my new comics in the “store” and then hit “download). I go into the “Risque” category, and these 3 titles (which, by the way, are the ONLY titles that carry the “bigger” warning about nudity and sex and etc.). So while I know that Apple is worse than my own grand-mother when it comes to freaking out about sex and nudity, it would appear in this particular instance that the Comixology app on the nexus is not any better. C’mon. That’s 4 titles, that are all particularly “graphic”, and I can’t find them through my app?

Yeah, just checked the android app and no sign of it either…. not good. Money on the table, fellas…

First world problems. Boo hoo.

This is why I run Android. Apple won’t even allow wallpaper apps in their app store with women in bikinis. I have a friend who is a developer and showed me example images that were rejected by Apple (women in bikinis that Apple called “pornographic”). They were not sexual AT ALL and had NO NUDITY, not even as provocative as what you see in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, yet Apple rejected them. What a joke Apple is at times.


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