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Batman fan builds his own $150,000 Batcave in basement


Much like Wayne Manor, the real selling point of Chris Weir’s home in Middletown, Delaware, is what lies underground.

When the lifelong Batman fan and his wife bought their suburban home in 2006, it was largely because it had enough basement space for Weir to construct his dream: his own Batcave.

Two and a half years and $150,000 later, the father of two had constructed his own subterranean lair, accessed through a hidden door in a bookcase that’s opened using a switch on a bust of William Shakespeare, just like on the 1960s Batman television series. Inside, as you can see in the video below, is a home theater made to look like a cave (naturally); it also houses what Weir describes as his “most prized possession”: a Batsuit featured in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.

Although Weir’s wife claims to be fine with her husband’s expensive fixation — “I’m proud of what he’s done,” she says, “I think it’s really, really cool” — his oldest son looks as if he’s had about enough of Dad’s Batman nonsense.

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What, no giant penny?

I want to go to there

Derek Metaltron

April 26, 2013 at 3:11 pm

Hmmmm, add a giant robotic Tyrannosaur and you’ll be half-way there.

WOW. I am impress. That’s awesome. in addition he can watch movies as if he was in a movie theater, but without the annoying of people talking next to you during the film,

Collection seems nice, but the “cave” is pretty cheesy. I hope most of that $150k is tied up in audio and video technology.

If a woman in the USA is OK with a man spending that much on a “Bat Cave”… I hope he had her sign a pre-nup’. She is probably waiting until the kids graduate from high school… = welcome to the 21st century, Chris.

“Ordinary” suburban home? Yeah, because all of my under-40 friends live in McMansions with *$150,000* basements. Must be nice to be a doctor, lawyer or venture capitalist.

Oh WOW, who needs Disney World now? Must be nice to be a doctor , lawyer or venture capitalist????? GO TO SCHOOL PAUL. obviously this man worked his ass off to get what he has
Congrats on your epic Man Bat Cave!

Not the most impressive Bat-cave I’ve seen, I’ve seen a few somehow (everyone’s fixation on Batman gets tiring at times)

“Go to your basement, nerd!”
“Don’t be jealous.”

The guy obviously works hard to be able to afford that Batcave, and have a wife willing to indulge his passion. She should be commended for her support.

Personally I wouldn’t spend that much on a room or a home theatre set-up. I’d take a year off and travel. But each to their own.

I love the fact that the older child has obviously been forced to dress up as Batman and is absolutely HATING being in the video. “You wear that Batman costume or you’re grounded!!!”

Kind of cheesy, and a minor waste of money in an otherwise beautiful home.

I like the “obviously this guy worked hard” comments. Right; we all know he didn’t pile on huge debt or inherit some money to get this room set up…

Oh,that son of a bitch!That’s awesome!

that’s awesome. great job with the secret entrance!!


The oldest son obviously doesn’t want to be there. Probably finds it humiliating and embarassed of his dad.

This may be kinda obsessive and geeky but at least he’s following his dream, he hasn’t let his inner-child wither away just to conform to some narrow-minded idea of what it means to be an adult. I can just imagine all the simple-minded snobs thinking this guy is a loser for doing this, well have fun yelling at your kids that you accidentally had with your girlfriend who you can’t stand anymore, and enjoy all the drinking, smoking, and gambling you need to do so you can’t feel the emptiness in your soul. Now THAT is what a loser is.

If it makes him happy good on him, you can’t argue with happiness. We all have dreams we want to fulfil

I wonder what this guy would do if his older son turned out to be a Marvel Zombie? Disowning?

“But, dad, the Marvel Universe is were my heart is! Must I live a lie?!”

“That’s it! I’m locking you in the Batcave without dinner and making watch Batman 66′ until you come to your senses, mister!”

That a poor excuse for a cave. I’ve seen an actual underground cave house that has bats (the Beckham Creek cave house in Arkansas Ozarks) that looks much closer to the Batcave.

Haters are always going to hate. This is awesome! No way around it!

Pretty cool. There are of course the expected “I’ve seen better” comments. I hope that’s not really considered a typical suburban home, though, or I’m a complete failure. I thought the cave looked awesome – except I don’t know about mixing Sixties Batman with the new Batman (although it’s only the Shakespeare bust that’s from the Sixties version).

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