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‘Batman Incorporated’ ends in July, with Morrison variant cover


“Batman Incorporated” #13, by Chris Burnham

Rather than continue Batman Incorporated following Grant Morrison’s announced departure, DC Comics will end the series with July’s Issue 13.

The news, revealed in’s preview of the Batman solicitations, comes as little surprise, as the title was a vehicle for Morrison and artist Chris Burnham to tell the story of Bruce Wayne’s global team of heroes the writer began in 2010. The first arc volume ended in December 2011, following DC’s New 52 relaunch, with the second volume debuting in May 2012.

According to the solicitation, the final issue will sport a 1:25 variant cover by Morrison himself. ROBOT 6 has reached out to DC for additional details.

July will also see the release of the 64-page Batman Zero Year: The Director’s Cut #1, reprinting Batman #21 from the pencil art of Greg Capullo and Rafael Albuquerque, and including the scripts by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV. The first issue of Snyder and Jim Lee and Dustin Nguyen’s Superman Unchained will get the same treatment. DC previously published director’s cuts of Blackest Night #1 and Final Crisis #1.

Batman Incorporated #13 and Superman Unchained Director’s Cut #1 go on sale July 24, while Batman Zero Year: The Director’s Cut #1 arrives July 31.

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I’ve seen some of Morrison’s previous drawings. I’m surprised he doesn’t draw more often.

Hmmm…always thought this comic had promise, though I admit I only bought a few of them. Hope the characters like Knight and such don’t just fade away.

At least they wont be making a sub-par comic with a new team of random talent.

“I’ve seen some of Morrison’s previous drawings. I’m surprised he doesn’t draw more often.”

He suffered an injury to his eyes due to lots of stress, back when he was working for British publishers.

For a sec, I thought the Burnham was the Grant sketch

thank the lord¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ this absurd run end.

Morrison haters can celebrate all they want, but his Batman run will still be on shelves in TPB for years and influence future writers. The haters on the other hand, who knows what they’ve accomplished?

Why is everyone acting so surprised, Morrison announced this would end at around issue 12 before the 1rst issue was even released.

I suspect (though I don’t know) that Batman Inc. as an organization will end with the last issue too, which would also explain the change in Batwing from The Batman Of Africa to The Internationally Travelling Batman.

Only thing I would have changed about this last run of Incorporated is its status as an ongoing. They should have stuck to their initial plan and released it as a separate mini-series instead of trying to shoehorn it into the clusterfuck that is the New 52

David you hit the nail on the head. DC needs to take a few books out of continuity like the old DC universe. Marvel is in a place where anything goes but DC editorial ties the hands of its incredible talent. Imagine what Snyder or Morrison would do with pure creative control?

I’ve gotten back into comics lately after being away for years. I really don’t know what the deal is with this Morrison writer but he seems to have a cult following. I can’t say I liked any of these books and killing another Robin was just 110% lame. Can someone point out something Morrison has written that is a bit better?

Donnis—We3, All-Star Superman, his run on Marvel’s New X-Men—three of his strongest mainstream offerings!!

The Invisibles is an amazing Morrison (and some kick ass artists) work worth checking out.

his run on bat and robin was pretty good. best quote ever was joker telling damian, “i like you, you bring your own crowbar to the party”

Gonna miss this title :( One of my last remaining DC pulls.

Although it goes without saying, his JLA is also pretty great. He really nails the characters. It’s got one of the best descriptions of Green Lantern’s will-power that I’ve ever read: I forget the exact wording, but Morrison has Kyle phrase the use of his powers as something like kicking a two-pack-a-day cigarette habit. Really puts that “will” in perspective.

Grant Morrison is the greatest writer of his generation. Unlike his contemporaries who embraced the indie market for more freedoms, he kept his love with superheroes and created a great relationship with DC comics, who first made him a millionaire. He could have used his ego like Warren Ellis, and the like, but his love of the art form and knowledge is unsurpassed, read his book SUPERGODS.

He is the most multi-dimensional writer I have ever read. He can be incredibly complex, like Invisibles, FInal Crisis, RIP, or his last arc in Action comics, or exrtemely pulp, like Batman and Robin and Inc, or he can go straight at you, Doom Patrol, All Star Superman, We3, 1st arc of Action Comics, and his main run on Batman.

At one point he was responsible for 30% of all sales in comics….

there is a reason for that. Grant will be missed, but fortunately he leaves behind a huge library to study read, and reread.

The Beast Of Yucca Flats

April 6, 2013 at 10:03 am

Yeah, screw Ellis & those other elitist meanie-pants for having the unspeakable temerity to create and/or own their own works!

In all seriousness, that cover is a stunner (as are most from the ‘infinity’ trope), and I will miss this title. It’s the last Bat-book I had any interest in.

CHRIS K – nice sarcasm. Morrison is great but your arguments are quite problematic, to say the least.

Also, not to be completely off-topic, I’m really looking forward to the variant cover in question. I wonder who will ink it or will it be just a sketch?

I loved how Inc was basically the last remnants of the old DCU. It was only New 52 visually. Story wise we still had Babs in a wheel chair (future commish) and other little pre New 52 easter eggs. I’m glad it’s ending, now I get to collect the crime fighting career of the Batman we all know and love from the old DCU. R.i.p. I.n.c.

“Morrison haters can celebrate all they want, but his Batman run will still be on shelves in TPB for years and influence future writers.”

So fucking what if his stories will be in trade paperback? Just like all the other shitty stories that get reprinted? What’s your point?

“The haters on the other hand, who knows what they’ve accomplished?”

I can’t believe people still use this idiotic response to people who don’t like something. Yeah man, if you’re not an accomplished writer, don’t knock ANY WRITING EVER. Just like, if you’re not a famous musician, you’re not allowed to dislike ANY BAND. Right?

Makes a lot of sense. Go listen to some Justin Beiber. (He’s popular, so of course by your logic that automatically makes him good! Otherwise, what have YOU accomplished musically? Right numbskull?)

Disliking something doesn’t make you a hater.

It’s us versus them, Steve, and we’re probably gonna fight about it because I felt the need to label you.


@ Donnis Morrison’s JLA.

yeah, his JLA is still the best comic team book ever.

(and with that issue, im gonna leave the DC – not one good writer left there…)

@Alex – it’s only an illusion of “anything goes” at Marvel. Sure, the writer can shine more, but Marvel’s more editorially anal than DC, we just don’t hear about it. If they weren’t, why do they only publish Avengers or X books?

i hope knight will get a second series of comics now his profile has been raised

The haters on the other hand, who knows what they’ve accomplished?

Probably just as little or as much as the cheerleaders have accomplished. What’s your point exactly?

This is very cool. I’m going to have to get that Morrison cover.

Finally. Thank god it’s over.

At long last we can go back to exclusively having straightforward Batman comics built on standard horror tropes applied to Gotham and a relentlessly miserable tone, with stories that are drawn out to roughly twice as many issues as most people could reasonably expect. A Batman story which tries to break free from the infinite feedback loop of self-significance and aspires to have higher meanings relevant to the real world and lived human experience simply isn’t a Batman story.

If DC ever permits Grant Morrison to write Batman again then he needs to take lessons from Scott Snyder first, otherwise I wont be paying extra to collect the variant covers and I’ll just stick to the regular ones.

Super gutted this is ending but also totally pumped for the showdown. I hope Bruce kills Leviathan!!!! Rules are made to be broken! I also thought the Chris Burnham issue was wicked.

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