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Behold the terror of ‘Scientifically Accurate Ninja Turtles’


A few months ago, the folks behind ADHD, Fox’s upcoming late-night animation block, haunted our dreams with “Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man” — “Lanky arms and little mask, his web erupts from out his ass” — and now they’re back to turn on you off Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles faster than you can say “Michael Bay.”

If you’re of delicate constitution or work in a place where cartoon images of reptile genitalia are frowned upon, you may want to skip this one. However, if you have the intestinal fortitude, and an understanding boss, then by all means, watch the video below for the horror that is the well-endowed, deaf, hissing, salmonella-transmitting Heroes in a Half Shell.




I’ve seen the same subject material covered repeatedly before (and in some cases, better). It’s very derivative, as was the “scientifically accurate Spider-Man.”

I’m wondering if all of these “scientifically accurate” things are going to be genetalia focused.

They became humonoid turtles. So the grew vocal chords, they devolped ears and thumbs. etc.

It’s for an audience of 13-year-olds (and the developmental equivalent). Of course it’s going to be derivative and genitalia-focused.

Very, very funny. I guess I’m not a scholar of dongs like everyone else here. I’ve learned a lot. Thank you.

Scientifically accurate!? What is it these these people think that mutagen ooze does?! It makes their arms like people arms, gives them voice-boxes and ears, and makes them smart enough to speak and love pizza. Since mutagen ooze isn’t a real thing, “scientifically accurate” is a pretty relative term. This is just what normal turtles are like, not what scientifically accurate mutant ninja turtles are like. Although, somehow I’m not surprised they have giant penises.

I was looking for something that would induce vomit…. and that did the trick!

My thanks.

Ugh.. so much potential for humor and they go the disgusting penis route.

Heh… Ew…

Some of the comments here make me ashamed of being a geek. Don’t give the Big Bang Theory writers reasons to think they’re right!

I think this is going to be my kind of show.

That’s disgusting.

Turtles aren’t deaf. They have an external eardrum.

Chuck Lorre–according to one of his vanity cards–wrote the original TMNT theme song. He sold it to whoever did the cartoon with some acknowledgement he wouldn’t get any kind of Residual or Reimbursement…basically just a one and done kind of thing (like that guy that sold the idea of Venom to Marvel Comics).

And then that franchise went on to make eleventy-billion dollars (scientifically accurate, I assure you).

Not like he ain’t doing bad for himself, but damn.

Jesus. Some of you people desperately need the touch of a woman. (Or a man, if that’s your thing.)

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