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Boston Comic Con will continue this weekend as planned

by Tim Sale

by Tim Sale

Following the bombings Monday at the Boston Marathon that killed three people and injured 176 others, organizers of Boston Comic Con have confirmed the event will go on Saturday and Sunday as planned.

“The 2013 Boston Comic Con will be held this weekend!” they said in an email to attendees. “Despite the tragic events that recently occurred at The Boston Marathon, The Boston Comic Con will continue as scheduled.” A portion of proceeds from an art auction will be donated to the American Red Cross for Boston Marathon relief efforts.

The Hynes Convention Center, where the event will be held, is located on Boylston Street, less than two blocks away from the second explosion; the nearby Mandarin Oriental Hotel and Lenox Hotel were evacuated shortly after the bombings. However, The Boston Globe reports some areas of downtown will reopen today.

Boston Comic Con’s guest lineup includes such creators as George Perez, Mike Mignola, Carlos Pacheco, Amanda Conner, Mark Bagley, Nate Bellegarde, Jimmy Palmiotti, Amy Reeder, Frank Cho, Tony Daniel, Don Rosa, Colleen Doran, Bill Willingham, Sean Gordon Murphy and Chrissie Zullo.



I live just a few blocks from the bomb site. It’s affected friends and I harder than we thought. I was excited for another con this year, but I may bow out. I dunno …

This incident is one of the most horrific events to happen in recent history and its effect will be felt for a while, but one thing folks have to remember…

We Cant Stop Living Life!!!

What these assailants want us to do is cringe in fear and be afraid to move or live or breathe. Going to the Con would be a statement and testament to our ability to perservere through their ignorant action and continue with life. We keep doing that, they will see our resolve…as geeks and gamers, we continue to show that enthusiasm and others will follow suit. Pray for those who are greatly affected by this and go to the Con…Live life and continue with it

We stand still and they win…

Glad to see that the con is happening as planned. It’s heartwarming to see them putting recent events in perspective with their donations. Here’s hoping attendees can forget about their troubles for a while with a much-needed diversion.

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