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C2E2 | Action Lab drops prices on all ongoing series

molly dangerHere’s an announcement you don’t see very often — a price drop. Action Lab Entertainment, publishers of Princeless, NFL RushZone and the upcoming Molly Danger series, announced at C2E2 this weekend that they plan to drop prices on all their ongoing series later this year.

Starting with the titles in June’s Previews catalog, Action Lab’s ongoing, 32-page comics will drop from $3.99 to $2.99. The licensed NFL RushZone, which is 20 pages, will drop to $1.99 and come out twice monthly. This month sees the number of Action Lab’s ongoing titles almost double, as they launch several new mature readers comics under the Action Lab: Danger Zone imprint. These titles include Ehmm Theory, The Final Plague, Ghost Town and Night of the ’80s Undead.

Additionally, beginning with Jamal Igle’s Molly Danger in July, Action Lab will also offer “a number of 48 page oversized European style hardcovers at $19.99,” according to the press release.



Dave Robinson (@dcrwrites)

April 28, 2013 at 10:00 am

I like the price drop, but $19.99 for 48 pages just does not work for me. I get that it’s hardcover, but that price is just too high.

@Dave Robinson: I think you are right that the overpricing of both indie and Euro reprints here in the states needs to stop.I glean Previews every month but have skipped over a number of 80 pagers or less going for ridiculous prices.Action Labs price drop on Ehmm Theory and Ghost town has kept both books on my June pull list that I almost dropped because of budget issues.I have enjoyed a number of Action Lab titles and Ithink Aspen and Valiant need to take heed here on their prices as well.

Shawn D. Hiltom

April 30, 2013 at 11:38 am

Doesn’t seem like a good move to this retailer.

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