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Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo takes over the city

A Canadian prairie city best known for it’s petroleum industry and western motif is showing it’s geeky side this weekend.

Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al Yankovic performing live at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. Photo by Stephanie Chan.

The Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo (CCEE) is currently taking over the city in full force, and the people and even it’s mayor are fully embracing it.   All of the CCEE’s 56,000 tickets were gone before it even started.

The event kicked off Friday morning with a parade that weaved it’s way though the downtown core all the way to Olympic Plaza.  The parade was marshalled by the cast of Torchwood, who led a contingency of cosplayers, guests and Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi gleefully rolled along in a Delorean, sporting a very McFly red vest.   At the plaza, where they were greeted by an army of Storm Troopers, where Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi white-hatted various Expo guests, which is Calgary’s unique equivalent to being awarded the key to the city.

Nenshi continued to let his geeky side show in this Twitter post, freaking out over being with the Torchwood stars.


An excited Mayor of Calgary in his “Mayor Who” TARDIS T-shirt, tweets about meeting the cast of Torchwood: John Barrowman, Eve Myles, and Gareth David-Lloyd.

The first night wrapped up with a concert featuring nerdrock band Kirby Krackle, who knew how to please the comic loving fans through fun catch, and largely inspired comic tunes, crooning about Green Lantern and Emma Frost. Then main act Weird Al Yankovic took to the stage with his signature accordion and crowd pleasing parodies. He had numerous costume changes, including a rather exquisite plush tiger lounge suit, which he wore when he ran out into the audience and flirtatiously rubbed up against various fans.

CCEE hosts a huge number of comic guests, entreatment celebrities and creative types during its three day event, which I will be featuring more of in the days ahead. The Expo wraps up today.



I did not regret the time I spent there.

Sounds so much better than c2e2 this year.

The whole thing was much better this year. Getting in and out was easy unlike last year when a trekkie nearly took my head off for jumping the line with all my friends.

There was some great deals to be had, but a handful of vendors are still marking up american prices which blows my mind. Most comic stores in this city will give you a 10%-20% off depending how much you spend, so to buy anything at the con would require a better deal than that. That said there was still a handful of omnibus’s and such that were 100 bux off which made it worthwhile but most of these vendors are making trips across canada from the eastern provinces and not stocking up inbetween so there is not much variety where the deals are.

Great costumes, great atmosphere, was a very good con.

(got my deadpool on a vespa statue i been looking for!)

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