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‘Calvin and Hobbes’ parody trailer takes aim at Hollywood


The latest offering from the gang at Gritty Reboots will probably make you glad that cartoonist Bill Watterson never answered the siren call of Hollywood, as the result would likely not be a faithful animated adaptation of his beloved Calvin and Hobbes, but rather a grim live-action tentpole, made with sequels in mind.

In fact, it would probably look like this trailer for Calvin and Hobbes: The Movie, written by David Spear and produced by Cinesaurus, that finds Calvin grown up and attempting to leave behind the imaginary world of his hyperactive childhood, only to discover his daydreams have other plans.

The special effects are surprisingly good, even if the Hobbes costume is a little questionable.

(via Heat Vision)



Haha :D
I agree that the special effects are quite nice, but the acting is below even the fan-film standards :D

That was awesome!

I came here ready to spew all kinds of haterade, but this is actually quite awesome.

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