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Comics A.M. | Comparing Image’s worldwide pre-orders and U.S. sales

Image Comics

Image Comics

Publishing | Image Comics provided the retail news and analysis website ICv2 with worldwide pre-order figures for 15 of its March titles, allowing for comparison with estimates of Diamond Comic Distributors sales to U.S. direct market stores. []

Creators | Mark Waid pens a tribute to the late Carmine Infantino. [Hero Complex]

Creators | Gilbert Hernandez distinguishes between autobiography and art in his new graphic novel, Marble Season, which takes on a 1960s suburban childhood not unlike his own. [Chicago Reader]

Creators | Neal Adams talks about how he develops characters, his view of the comic business, and how he talked DC editor Jules Schwartz into letting him create a black Green Lantern: “I’m just saying if the ring goes out it’s just as likely to find an Asian guy and a black guy, and it is not likely that it’s going to find another white Anglo-Saxon protestant guy. That doesn’t make any sense.” [Sequential Tart]

Creators | Wes Craig talks about his work as an artist for DC’s digital-first Batman comics. [CTV Montreal]

Popeye #12

Popeye #12

Creators | As IDW’s original Popeye series comes to an end with Issue 12, writer and artist Roger Langridge reflects on his favorite creators, how he came up with ideas, and the place that his Popeye comics will have in the history of the character. [Popeye]

Creators | Jay Fosgitt explains the title character of his new kids’ comic Bodie Troll: “”He wants to be the villain. But in all his best attempts to be rotten, he’s just too lovable. And sometimes he unintentionally ends up being a hero.” []

Creators | Bill Baker talks to Travis Hanson about his webcomic The Bean and his current Kickstarter project, Adventures for a Lazy Afternoon. [The Morton Report]

Creators | At 49, artist Rich Clabaugh has achieved his lifelong dream of creating and publishing his own comic, The Graveyard Gang, and he will be exhibiting this weekend at Boston Comic Con. [Milford Daily News]

Publishing | Ernesto Preigo talks to former DC editor Tim Pilcher about his memoir, Comic Book Babylon: A Cautionary Tale of Sex, Drugs and Comics. [Comics Grid]

Graphic novels | A new graphic novel by the Dutch artist Typex, commissioned by the Rijksmuseum, tells the life story of Rembrandt in a new and imaginative way. [France 24]

Retailing | Alexis Lopez only opened his Sun Blast Comics in Weslaco, Texas, last year, but already he has some ambitious plans including a comic con (tentatively named Shock-A-Kon) and more stores. [Valley Morning Star]



Image Comics orders look pretty similar.

So all that BS that Marvel tries to tell us about Diamond’s numbers being off is just that.

Thanks so much for the coverage!

I’m a huge Neal Adams fan. But, I don’t agree with his opinion of the work-for-hire agreement. We don’t need government to invalidate legitimate business agreements because of sour grapes. If you accept $1 from me to create a character and it makes a billion dollars for me, that’s too bad for you. I’m risking my future to publish this character and you’re agreeing to take my money now. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pathetic amount. You don’t have to accept the small money now, but you will have to assume all the risk. If we start allowing people to claim benefits after for someone else’s risk, there will be no one willing to take the risk. In a perfect world, the founding fathers of comics would own the characters they created and be a rich as they should revered. But the reality is, they accepted the offer on the table and gave up their creations to pay their bills. They weren’t victims and they weren’t duped. It’s insulting to their intelligence and to their talent to portray any of them that way. They were simply trying to make a living and got a raw deal. That doesn’t make it a crime. They’re not David and Big Comics aren ‘t Goliath. And with that said, the New 52 sucks and has allowed me to break my comic habit.

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