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Comics A.M. | Egyptian artist Magdy el Shafee arrested in protest

Magdy el Shafee

Magdy el Shafee

Legal | Egyptian artist Magdy el Shafee, creator of the graphic novel Metro, was arrested by security forces in Cairo and is being held in Tora Prison. The arrests weren’t directly related to his graphic novel, which was banned by the regime of Hosni Mubarak; el Shafee went to Abdel Moneim Riyad Square to try to stop a showdown between protesters and the Muslim Brotherhood, and ended up being arrested in a sweep that rounded up 38 people. [Words Without Borders]

Legal | The local paper profiles Susan Alston, who has been active in the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund since the 1990s and even ran it for a while from the garage of her Northampton, Massachusetts, home. []

Retailing | Yonkers, New York, finally gets its own comic shop: The Spider’s Web will open its doors May 4, Free Comic Book Day. [New Rochelle Daily Voice]

Boston Comic Con (art by Tim Sale)

Boston Comic Con (art by Tim Sale)

Conventions | LTZ visited some of the alternative mini-cons that sprang up around the Boston area after Boston Comic Con was canceled. [The Beat]

Conventions | The first Edinburgh Comic and Toy Mart took place over the weekend, and it looks like it was a cozy little show with a mix of retailers and small-press creators. [Forbidden Planet]

Creators | Actor Bill Mumy, who played Will Robinson on the original Lost in Space, is the latest celebrity to become the subject of a Bluewater comic — but this isn’t exactly a bio-comic. Mumy is writing the series, titled The Curse of the Mumy, and it’s a fictional story in which he and his wife appear as characters. []

Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing

Comics | In celebration of Earth Day, Jason Motes counts down the top ten eco-friendly comics characters. []

Graphic novels | The Irish publisher O’Brien Press will launch its latest historical graphic novel, Big Jim: Jim Larkin and the 1913 Lockout, this week, with actor Ger O’Leary performing one of the labor leader’s speeches. [Irish Central]

Comics | Dark Horse has released the first page of art from its upcoming comic The Fifth Beatle, on which the film of the same name will be based. Andrew Robinson and Kyle Baker are the artists, and more will be forthcoming later this week at Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. [The Hollywood Reporter]



Regarding el Shafee’s arrest: is this in anyway surprising? Without any undue offence to the Islamic faith, there are pretty much no examples of Islamic-style governance in concordance with the right to protest, association and speech. What did they expect with a government that would likely aim for Sha’ria-style law? (I should try and qualify these statements as neutral as possible – I’m a political theory/international relations) student

@Tommo You’re not saying anything that ins’t obvious or hasn’t been said. Religion and Government in this day and Age simply don’t mix

Yeah, it’s not an Islamic government that’s the problem, it’s a religious government. The western world would suffer the same terribleness if Christianity “officially” ran our governments.

No, it’s true! It’s a well-known fact that secular governments LOVE protestors! One only has to look at the record of Magdy’s previous arrests under the regime of Hosni Mubarak. In China and Belarus, the police actually just give hugs to protestors and offer them tea. And we all remember how well the NYPD treated protestors at Occupy Wall Street….

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