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Comics A.M. | Inkwell voting opens; comics’ ‘gay agenda’?

Inkwell Awards

Inkwell Awards

Awards | Online voting is open through April 30 for the sixth annual Inkwell Awards, which recognize excellence in comic-book inking. The winners will be announced during a ceremony at HeroesCon, held June 7-9 in Charlotte, North Carolina. [Inkwell Awards]

Comics | On the website of the conservative Media Research Center, Kristine Marsh and Matt Philbin accuse DC Comics and Marvel of having a “homosexual agenda”: “Like the rest of American pop culture, comic books have increasingly included pro-gay propaganda pieces aimed at the children and young adults who read them.” [Media Research Center]

Creators | Alex DeCampi talks about her Kickstarter-funded comic Ashes, which will be published in a softcover edition by Dark Horse (backers get a hardcover), as well as how she handled the art for the comic after her public split with the original artist, James Hodgkins. [Comics Alliance]

Catwoman #18

Catwoman #18

Creators | Alex Dueben talks to writer Ann Nocenti about Katana, Catwoman, and the violence in her comics: “I think my work in comics is one long, ever-shifting treatise on violence, especially my run on Daredevil. The superhero genre itself is about having conflicts escalate into violence. You can do an issue here and there with conflict resolution that is non-violent, but mostly the fun is how the action plays out. [Suicide Girls]

Creators | I interviewed Tania Del Rio, who wrote and (mostly) drew the manga-style version of Sabrina the Teenage Witch for Archie Comics; Archie is now re-releasing the Sabrina stories in a black-and-white manga-style graphic novel format. [MTV Geek]

Comics | British critic Paul Gravett rounds up some comics depictions of the late Margaret Thatcher. [Paul Gravett]

Comics | Shannon O’Leary looks at the success of a couple of children’s comics, including My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Adventure Time. The first issue of My Little Pony has sold more than 100,000 copies, and Adventure Time regularly moves 20,000 copies per month. [Publishers Weekly]

Conventions | Fans old and young came to the Janesville, Wisconsin, Comic Book Convention this past week; while it is always a delight to read about teenage comics fans, it’s a bit depressing that the “fake geek girl” mentality has filtered down to high school. [The Janesville Gazette]



The “agenda” is equality. Only in a screwed up society would such a thing be considered controversial.

I am very glad that it is on Marvel and DC’s agendas to enfranchise gay and lesbian youth and to give them positive fictional role models that reach beyond the caricatures available in primetime television.

Actually, I think DC realized that, with all the criticism they get for so many of the stupid decisions they make these days, it was kind of a surprising relief to discover that GLBT announcements got them all the publicity with a built in protection against blowback. (“You only hate the idea that Jimmy Olsen was born a woman because you hate gay people!) So expect them to go back to this well over and over and over.

No problem with a progressive message of inclusion, but I often find I do not enjoy the ham-handed way a lot of the publishers and writers have handled the issue.

Anyone who doesn’t think there is a pro-gay agenda in a liar or a fool. Look at the CBR forums, where dozens of people wanted ten year old Damien to be gay. They still demand that Tim Drake be gay. The Authority was only popular because it feed of sick fantasies of Superman and Batman having it on. Drawing of explicit gay sex in Saga #12 was championed as free speech. A drawing of a penis! Apple was Satan incarnate just because a drama queen writer couldn’t sell a funny boom with drawings of penises and semen on their web store, like it was a civil rights issue.

You can’t blame media for portraying reality, nor you can erase gay people by invisibilizing them on the media. People will not be gay by reading or liking gay characters. Censoring reality from the media is as dumb as believing gay people, exposed to heterosexual oriented media, will turn out straight…oh, wait…it hasn’t worked out, has it? LOL!

Well, when the alternative (which they’d no doubt prefer) is an anti-gay agenda of shaming, intolerance, hatred, disgust, and alienation…..well….I think I’ll go with the pro-gay agenda, thanks.

I’m going to explain to the people at the MRC what their pushing and why normal people don’t like their argument. YOU ARE PUSHING INEQUALITY, the LGBT community has a human right to the same rights as others. So grow the fuck up and cut the shit.

“Anyone who doesn’t think there is a pro-gay agenda in a liar or a fool. Look at the CBR forums, where dozens of people wanted ten year old Damien to be gay.”

[Tobias Funke] There are dozens of us! Dozens! [/Tobias Funke]

Your life must be really hard.

I dont know about comics having a “gay agenda”, but thats all CBR seems to talk about.

Why waste time “gaying up” your superheroes when you could do something cool, like make a Blazing Skull comic series!

This is the same gay ‘agenda’ that lets straight people bang explicitly on rooftops at the drop of a hat but takes a gay couple five or so years to have an on panel kiss right?

The Big Two still have a loooooong way to go before ‘inclusion’ becomes an ‘agenda’. Besides which, if it was really an agenda they wouldn’t be hooking Supes up with Wonder Woman. They’d be hooking him up Bats or the Flash or someone.

Of course there is an agenda here. To the people pushing it, it is a matter of inclusiveness and an expression of human rights. To the people opposing it, it is a matter of promoting behaviour that is ultimately destructive to the individuals involved and society in general. Never the twain shall meet (or something like that)…. I definitely see a MASSIVE push in mainstream media/entertainment to not only include those practising “same sex”, but to exclude anyone with a differing viewpoint. If comics and other mediums of entertainment were truly FAIR and UNBIASED in representing the general population, how many faith-based heroes would be out there? Let’s be honest… the only God-fearing people in most comics are, at best, simpletons, or, more commonly, deranged killers. Sorry…. I am not in favour of hate-mongering of ANY kind. Something’s happening here….

Any homosexual in their right mind would never buy a comic book about heterosexual superheroes acting gay.

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