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Comics dad shares his son’s ‘The Brave & the Bold’ room


One of the many great things about being a parent is getting to share your interests with your kids. Keven Gardner, publisher of 12 Gauge Comics, has gotten to do just that, which has resulted in a pretty awesome room for his son. Keven was kind enough to share some pictures of the room, which has a Batman: The Brave & the Bold theme. Check it out below as Keven walks you through it!

A few months ago it was time to redo my son’s bedroom and when his mom and I asked what kind of room he wanted he screamed “Batman!” (it’s in the genes, I guess). My son was close to turning 5 at the time, and his favorite cartoon was still Cartoon Network’s Batman: The Brave & The Bold series, so I wanted to use those characters as much as possible. I decided to do a few murals, so I projected images of his favorite characters onto the walls for an outline, then painted them using acrylics. Throw in a bunch of toys and accessories, and the bedroom was complete. And my son loves it, so life is good.


This is the view of my son’s bedroom as you walk in.


These are framed stills from the Batman: The Brave & The Bold cartoon.


Here’s a mural of Batman fighting the Joker on the right, with a Bat-Signal night-light and his action figure wall on the left.


My wife found this wall-mount organizer while out shopping and thought it would be a cool addition to the room. We both agreed that using it to display our son’s favorite action figures was the perfect choice. It’s kind of like Hollywood Squares for superheroes. All his favorites are here—from Batman to the Avengers to the Imaginetics toys. This thing is usually empty at the end of every day, but setting the figures back up is kinda fun.


Moving from left-to-right around the room, the next batch of murals can be seen.


Hanging here is my original Batman Halloween costume from when I was 5 or 6. My mom had saved it from when I was a kid and wanted us to use it in the room. My mask didn’t survive all I put it through, so we had to swap it out for a newer one.


Honestly, I can probably thank Pottery Barn for this room. Since they carry all the “mom-approved” bedding, this idea was a much easier sell than it could have been!


Green Lantern mural.


Batman mural.


Shazam mural.


Shot of all three superheroes over the bed.


This has turned into his Lego nightstand. This wasn’t supposed to be anything but a nightstand, but Santa brought a few Lego sets and this is where they ended up. And I have to say, my son is now completely obsessed with Legos. And since he just turned 5, that means I spend a lot of time every night trying to put them back together for him.


On top of the dresser we have a few more things from my childhood that my mom held onto; a talking Batman & Robin alarm clock (that no longer works, unfortunately) and a plate that I made her in kindergarten. Other kids were drawing stick figures of their family, sailboats, flowers, etc., and this is what she got from me. Ha!


We’ve made it all the way around the room. Over the door is a Batmobile decal, and on the left are some old-school Batman pictures.


Here’s a better shot of the pictures. The images are printed on old dictionary paper. Not sure where the idea came from, but they look pretty cool.

That’s it! A big thanks to Jonah and John for running these pictures. Hopefully it reminds all of us how fun it is to be a kid.



this is seriously amazing!

Great stuff. I did a similar thing to my son’s room when he was 5 or 6, but it was a replication of a Jack Kirby Silver Surfer panel that took up a whole wall. This room looks great. Your son will be the envy of everyone is his group of friends.

I guess we’ll be seeing him on Shelf Porn years from now…

That is just terrific. Great job, Keven.

Reminds me of what my dad did for my room when I was around 5 or 6 (seems like the age!): he got two copies of this huge DC poster with pretty much the big super-heroes on it and then he painstakingly cut and pasted (with small “columns’ of super glue, in a raised fashion) select characters and images from the second copy onto the first, creating this really cool, pseudo-3D effect that made the characters pop out of the poster. It took him forever (I remember sitting next to him playing with my action figures while he worked on it) and it looked awesome when it went up on the wall.

Thanks for sharing. This is one super room.

“Outrageous!” Aquaman was the best in that series. Cool room!

Thanks for this! Your son is lucky to have a room like this at age 5. I’m 38 and I’d kill for a bedroom like this. But my wife said no!

Is that Clownface from Body Bags? Cool!

Methinks he’s probably a bit too violent character for a 5 year old.

Awesome room overall!

Great Kid Cave.

Awesome room. “too violent a character”—great line coming from a screen name IAM FeAR.

Major kudos for the Legos

So awesome. They’ve even got the BatB style New 52 Justice League figures that only came out a few weeks ago.

That’s really cool. As a parent who’s way into comics, I want to share my love of comics with my child. I try not to push it too hard. I do have hopes that she, at the least, finds a character or two to enjoy.

I had that Batman and Robin alarm clock as a kid! =))

Awesome room!!!!

nice room jk you and your wife are cool parents to give your kid this room including having batman stuff from when you were his age espically that alarm clock and old halloween costume.

My kid has those sheets. He is three and he LOVES them. My wife likes them too since they were over $100 dollars!!!!

Stoopid pottery barn…

That looks like an amazing room. Personally I would have been terrified of the Brave and the Bold Joker at five years old…heck I’m a bit creeped out by him at 33…

Well done, the murals are really impressive.

I want the Superman and the Krypto . . . aren’t those Imaginext toys? I must find me some . . . and the murals are sooooooooooooooooooooooo cool . . . Capt. Marvel is love . . . I’d have a Krypto in my room.

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