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Donate to DC’s anti-hunger campaign, ‘get epic Batman stuff’

dc-hunger crisis

As part of its “We Can Be Heroes” campaign to fight hunger in the Horn of Africa, DC Entertainment has kicked off an effort on Indiegogo to raise $50,000 in donations in exchange for “epic Batman stuff.”

Perks range from five Batman comic digital downloads (for a $10 contribution) to an exclusive Batman: Earth One lithograph by Gary Frank ($50) to a copy of the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game signed by creator Ed Boon ($250) to a cameo in the second volume of Batman: Earth One ($5,000). The copies of Batman and Robin #18 signed by Peter J. Tomasi have already signed out. There are even more rewards on the Indiegogo page.

The Batman-themed fundraising effort ends May 17.



Good move by DC. I’m not gonna put my cynical hat on and say that this is *partly* a PR move in order to improve their image after the continous writer fiascos.

Shit, I just did.

What about all the characters starving in pre New52 continuity?!

What a wholly inappropriate time to grind that particular ax, Wally.

I applaud DC’s efforts, but perhaps they and WB can (also) contribute to initiatives like the Sahara Forest Project ( or Sundrop Farms ( for a more sustainable solution. What they and readers do with We Can Be Heroes is get much needed food in the Horn of Africa. But let’s be honest, who are we kidding? We should help them, so they can help themselves in the future. And that won’t be achieved by just giving food. With initiatives such as mentioned above we can help Africa to create their own food, and it would create much needed jobs also.

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