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Eisner-nominated ‘Bandette’ offering first issue for free


To celebrate the four Eisner Award nominations for Paul Tobin and Colleen Cover’s Bandette — Best New Series, Best Digital Comic, Best Penciler/Inker and Best Coloring — Monkeybrain Comics is offering the first issue for free on comiXology through the entire voting period.

The series, which debuted in July, follows a costumed thief who gleefully leads a group of urchins through the streets of Paris, serving on the side of justice, except when an old-fashioned heist proves too fun to resist. Bandette is every bit as entertaining as it sounds.

On Monday, ROBOT 6 debuted a preview of Bandette #4, which goes on sale today through comiXology.



That looks breathtaking. I can’t believe this has been out since July and went under my radar! I’ll wait until the free period is over and pay for it (along with the other 3 issues) because something as awesome as this deserves to be bought, in my opinion.

Take the free first issue, buy all the other issues and use the 99 cents towards their other great 99 cent titles such as Edison Rex, Masks and Mobsters, Frost, Spirit of the Law, one shots, etc. Monkeybrain has taken me from being not interested at all to being very interested in many of their titles with the simple plan of 99 cent digital titles. With very few exceptions (such as Tomorrow Jones and eventually the first series of Amelia Cole), this approach has driven my digital title interest solely to the 99 cent titles and also a few other entertaining titles from other publishers as well (Marry Me, Midnight Sun). Rather than a single issue for 2.99, I can purchase access to 3 issues of a 99 cent title for the same cost.

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