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‘Heartbroken’ Latour & Klein bid farewell to ‘Winter Soldier’

Winter Soldier, by Nic Klein

Winter Soldier, by Nic Klein

Following the title’s absence from Marvel’s July solicitations, writer Jason Latour has confirmed the cancellation of Winter Soldier with Issue 19.

“Well, I won’t lie, after spending the last 9 months or so living in Bucky Barnes’s skin, I’m a little heart broken,” he wrote on his blog. “He’s grown to be a very special character to me, maybe my favorite Marvel character ever, and I felt I could’ve written his story for years. The opportunity to do so came at a very trying time in my life and really helped me through some tough stuff, so in it’s way it’s very personal work. I hope that shows. That said though, really, enough cryin’ in my beer. I’m VERY grateful to everyone involved with the book all along the line for making it such a worthwhile experience.”

Latour thanked artist Nic Klein and editor Lauren Sankovitch before continuing, “But maybe most of all I’m in the debt of the special community of fans who stuck with us and showed us such big slobbery love through out. I know it was hard losing folks as revered and talented as Brubaker and company, but thank you for giving us a real shot.”

Klein added to the sentiment this morning, writing, “Thank you to the readers and Fans who supported the book and gave us a chance to tell our tale. I hope you all enjoyed the last 3 issues, and I hope you will stick around for the last 2 issues to see the conclusion of the arc.” He also posted a new illustration of Winter Soldier (at right), created as a “parting gift.”

Winter Soldier #19 arrives in June.



It seems strange they would cancel this with Captain America 2 coming down the pike and Winter Soldier being in the title, but I guess they would have just stopped the comic anyway to put out a new # 1 issue. I am sure we will see this comic again at that time.

This really sucks. What a great book this is. For some of the crap that Marvel publishes to still be around and this to get cancelled is just wrong. And this is coming from a guy who feels like Marvel’s overall line is stronger than it’s been in years. What a shame. Thank you, Mr. Latour and Mr. Klein, for your hard work and dedication. I loved what you were doing and I look forward to your next collaboration.

I’m very sorry to see this book end. Latour not only managed to carry on from Brubaker’s run, I’d argue that he was able to match or top Brubaker’s work. The most recent issue, #17, was especially great and it’s clear that Latour had a real affinity for Bucky. And Nic Klein’s art suited the book perfectly. It’s a given that Marvel isn’t done with Winter Soldier for good, with Cap 2 on the way next year, but it’s a shame this title is at an end. I just hope that Latour will get another crack at writing Bucky’s adventures at some point. Failing that, more Marvel work would be nice. Anyhow, kudos to Latour and Klein on a too-brief but excellent run on Winter Soldier.

Let’s hope this character doesn’t dissappear into the background of the comic world.

We all saw this coming once Bru left. That Bucky even had a title at all following his leaving the Captain America role was astonishing, really. I imagine that Marvel will trot out a new #1 for next Summer, or a variety of specials.

Drew Melbourne

April 12, 2013 at 9:49 am

I assume Marvel checked their calendars and realized that the next Cap movie doesn’t come out for another year. Rather than maintain the title as a second or third tier title for that full year (or have to cancel it because of low sales), it appears they decided to end the series pre-emptively, let it rest for a little while, and then revive it in 6-9 months with a higher profile creative team as part of Marvel Now phase 2 or 3 or 4. That’ll allow them to have a big splashy #1 in time for the new movie (and maybe a complete trade of the first arc).

So is it Marvel’s new policy to NOT announce series final issues in the Solicits? Readers will just have to figure it out for themselves, waiting for issues that will never come?
Is Red SheHulk done? Is Captain Marvel? Journey into Mystery?
I guess all we can do is keep watching Diamonds Sales Estimates and make educated guesses from now on.
Or hope the creative teams keep us informed. Marvel is keeping it a secret.

Marvel is really the cause of all this. By pumping out biweekly four dollar comics, the 2nd tier titles are getting squeezed out. What a shame. What’s next on the chopping block? Gambit? Capt. Marvel? Scarlet Spider? Venom? X-Factor? All great monthly titles that people have less money for. Lapham’s Age of Apocalypse was awesome too!

Z-Ram: Well, definitely not X-Factor…out of that list, it’s by far the most stable, with its sales barely budging for the last several *years* at this point. Marvel feels confident enough in that one that it’s been shipping around 18 issues a year for the last few years now. I think it’s pretty safe.

The others on your list, though? Yeah, their prospects are much dodgier.

@Jason – well at least there’s that.

Yeah, totally Marvel’s fault. They should’ve forced fans to buy a comic with a supporting character as a lead and an unrecognizable creative team to be a success. Clearly that’s on them.

Sad to see my favorite series cancelled.

@Zach – Actually yes. If customers typically have a set amount they’d spend monthly on comics (and that does bear out with the fact most are budgeting themselves these days), and the top tier titles have multiple issues a month, of course they’d end up not picking up as many of the secondary titles.

All I can say is this:

@ Rogers – that’s a consumer choice. Marvel isn’t forcing anyone to do anything they don’t want to do. These are entertainment units. If someone decided that Winter Soldier was good enough to purchase, they’d prioritize it above a “top-tier” title. Conversely, since the character has limited appeal and the creative team hasn’t done much to warrant fan interest, most fans either declined to give the series a shot or dropped it if it didn’t meet expectations.

The book was better. Too bad people didn’t check it. It deserved a Marvel Now! tag actually.

Not a good time to cancel, cap 2 coming out next year.

Right, Zach, all the aggressive marketing that Marvel did to drum up interest in the book was for naught. Oh, wait. There WAS no marketing. Gee, I wonder if there’s a connection here?

I’m sure they will bring out a new Winter Soldier book once Cap 2 hits the theaters. To think otherwise is silly.

@ Matt Halteman – do you see much aggressive marketing for anything? a few banner ads for summer crossovers, but ongoings almost never get anything.

@ Zach – Yes, I do. Interviews, ads within the books themselves, big discussions at conventions about new creative teams, etc. etc. I recall seeing one brief press release about this new “Winter Soldier” team and a short interview with Latour. They definitely could have done more and they didn’t. The books at Marvel and DC that need the least marketing always get the most and the ones that need it the most get hardly any.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying this is all Marvel’s fault. That’s silly. Clearly, the vast majority of comics fans being unwilling to take a chance on something that isn’t “Avengers” or “X-Men”-related is a big factor. But Marvel’s lack of support for lower-profile books, as well as their saturation of the market with increased shipping of their most expensive titles (as Z-Ram astutely pointed out) doesn’t help matters one bit.

And, Matt, I agree with you that they will relaunch to capitalize on the movie. What makes me sad is that this creative team, who was absolutely killing it so far, will not be the ones to do it.

Have to be honest, I picked up the first Latour issue and didn’t care much for it, so I never went back. I’m sure it was fine…it just wasn’t for me.

I think the book has suffered without Black Widow, as well. But that’s on Brubaker, not Latour.

I had the exact opposite reaction, Hysan. I loved Latour and Klein’s first issue. But at least you gave it a shot. Can’t ask for more than that.

Well that is lousy news.

Captain Marvel should be next.

What ads do you see for ongoings? I honestly only ever see ads for events/crossovers. Plus interviews are generally for big name writers. Surely there were interviews with Brubaker when he was on the book, but when you have a creative team with no following, who bothers with interviews?

I was expecting this.Brubaker was a hard writer to equal and more to top.Just more money for me to spend now on silver age books.

Ahem, thanks for reading, Zach. :)

Sad to see the series end (as evidenced by my praise of it mere days ago []).

But, from a comedic standpoint in these comments, kudos to Lou for the classic Bucky reference with his “NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!”

Damn it that Klein art is BEAUTIFUL. Proves he and Jason should have been allowed to do at least one more arc. I really grew to love this team and I was enjoying this arc much more than the last two with Bru (although Ed finally severing the forced Black Widow/Winter Soldier relationship was a relief). As much as Ed’s work made me love this character, Jason and Nic were killing it and added some much needed black humor.

Like others, this will probably be relaunched around the time the film comes out next year, but it really annoys me Marvel never gave this book a push, especially after Ed and his talented artists left.

@ Tim – cool of you to reach out to an under the radar guy, but you’re kinda proving my point. If this was a bigger creator or a bigger book, wouldn’t it have been a front page story on the regular site, not the blog?

Zach, CBR interviewed Latour twice about “Winter Soldier” (most recently in March):

Klein was interviewed, too:

Plus, CBR columnist Tim Callahan had a two-part conversation with Latour that covered “Winter Soldier” and his other work:

That’s some really sad news. I enjoyed Latour’s take on Winter Soldier and Nic Klein was doing absolutely fantastic work on this book, both with his lines and with his color work. I still remember being unsure about whether to continue this title or just be done with it after Brubaker’s departure, then seeing the amazing splash page in issue 15 when Bucky comes to rescue Robards from Hydra. That page convinced me that the book could even be better with a strong artistic direction.

It will be back. Priced 3.99 as a Marvel NOW! #1 in a few months.

Marvel douches! I loved this book no matter who was on it. The new creative team was as good as the last one. When you don’t really notice a book missing a step, and flows seamlessly, it’s a good thing. One of my fave’s down the toilet. Well done Marvel!!

Advertisements’ quantity and placement has been getting more and more bothersome and intrusive on Marvel’s monthlies for the last few years, and while I remain faithful to the staple pamphlets for those titles I have been collecting for a couple of decades now, that has led me to hop on to the “waiting for the trade” wagon for the new-ish titles. So I saw the creative team switch as just a nice and clean opportunity not to quit it, mind you (Latour’s take on the character seemed interesting enough, and the combination of Nick Klein on interiors and Declan Shalvey on cover art duties made it a sure bet for me), but to do exactly that: stop buying the monthly and get the ads-free paperback (sadly no hardcover) instead.

Now I almost feel guilty…

Anyone that thought Latour and Klein would get more than 6-8 months on this book when Brubaker’s run on the books was barely staying afloat has to be crazy.

Stick around until early next year and there will be a new Captain America: The Winter Soldier title out anyway.

This is Morrison and X-Men all over again. They’ll erase every traces of Winter Soldier sooner than later.

@jmm: Don’t feel guilty I did the same thing.I figured continuing or not that whatever came next I would (and will) follow in trade. I’m following Gambit in trade only.What the in house undercover apologist flamers like Zach fail to realise is that Matt Haltemann and Rogers are right and he just argues for the sake of arguing.In the posts so far by him I saw no mention that he actually bought the book Locally.Marvel fans and others were fully aware that this book was out and a number of them signed up for it.That being said a number of local fans don’t sign up for books like this because of the constant cancellations and prefer to follow books that even when restarted tend to follow the longer histories.Who can blame them? The money is no longer out there to follow everything and saturation bombing of the market by both Marvel and DC is killing their wider market by not so slow degrees.

@Rogers: “If customers typically have a set amount they’d spend monthly on comics (and that does bear out with the fact most are budgeting themselves these days), and the top tier titles have multiple issues a month, of course they’d end up not picking up as many of the secondary titles.”

Personally, I’ve taken a slightly different approach to which books I pick up. Yes, I have a limited budget to spend on comics each month, and as such I’m not picking up any of Marvel’s “top tier” $3.99 books, and nothing that is on a more than monthly schedule.

@Hysan “Have to be honest, I picked up the first Latour issue and didn’t care much for it, so I never went back. I’m sure it was fine…it just wasn’t for me.”

I wouldn’t class myself as a Captain America fan, or a big fan of espionage-style stories, but with Marvel NOW! I did decide to try the books priced at $2.99. The first issue of Latour’s Winter Soldier was good, but it never really grabbed me and so reluctantly, I didn’t return. Similarly Gillen’s Young Avengers did nothing for me, despite how much I wanted it to.

Voice of Reason

April 13, 2013 at 10:01 am

Probably just rebooting it for the movie. They’re obsessed with that sh*t.

They’ll probably relaunch it in time for the Cap movie, and get Brian the Hack Bendis to write it so he can cash in on the movie (like he’s doing with Guardians of the Galaxy right now) yet claim “oh, but I’ve always loved this character, I’ve read everything before” his usual bullshit.

Sad Latour never got to complete his vision.

Zach–I hope Kevin’s reply gave more context.

And my interviews always appear on Robot 6 by choice. CBR has a great news team that covers comics incredibly well, but I am here to cover comics for Robot 6, one of the great CBR blogs.

Shitty news. I was really enjoying the direction this book was going in.

Colossus Legion

April 14, 2013 at 6:01 am

Unfortunately, yes–X-FACTOR is done this fall. Such is the way of things.

This is a shame, but not unexpected. Outside of Daredevil, Winter Soldier has been my favorite Marvel book since it’s launch.
Im a Marvel guy but I feel this Marvel Now relaunch has chased me off of a lot of Marvel titles. I wanted desperately to like Captain Marvel and I feel like that series never hooked me. Solo female Marvel heroes are a huge untapped market for Marvel. I wish they would launch a new Spider Woman solo.
Sadly after this cancellation I will be collecting the smallest amount of Marvel monthlies since the mid 90’s.
Hickman’s Avengers has failed to rouse any urgency or interest, even moreso with new Avengers. Rememder chased me off Cap.
All I have is DD, and Bendis’ All New XMen and Uncanny.

I was away from Comics fro almost 20 years. I was brought back in by chance, and then due to the strength of a few titles I picked up early, specificly Winter Soldier, Scarlet Spider and Punisher (under Rucka).

So far, Punisher died at issue #16 (with a goodbye/clean-up mini of 5 issues).

Now Winter Soldier is dead at #19.

And Scarlet Spider is a perenial risk of cancellation.

I can’t help but be dissapointed. Good titles, far better in most regards to the “big AAA” titles in the X and A groups, just can’t seem to sell enough to live on.

At this rate, when S.S. gets it’s inevitable cancellation, I’ll be right back out of comics again, sadly. Was really enjoyign reading them again…

@warfish:Dump Marvel and try Valiant.Most of the initial runs have a Vol.1 TP out already for catching up.Marvel and DC are no longer viable. Also Image has a number of titles out there superhero and non.

It is sad to see this one go, just getting back from over seas I started reading comics again an winter soldier is the first one I picked up, I hope it continues in the near future

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