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John Ostrander to write ‘Aquaman’ #20


Veteran writer John Ostrander, best known for his work on DC Comics’ Suicide Squad, will step in for Geoff Johns on May’s Aquaman #20, bringing with him artists Manuel Garcia and Sandra Hope, reports. Johns and regular artists Paul Pelletier and Sean Parson will return with Issue 21.

“Those not familiar with John, he’s one of the comic greats — from Suicide Squad to The Spectre. Exciting to see him take on The Others,” Johns wrote on Twitter. “John has an excellent take on The Others, particularly The Operative, and he’ll be introducing a new member to the team.”

Originally solicited as a story about Aquaman’s right to the throne being put to the test, Issue 20 — which features a new cover by Pelletier, Parson and Rod Reis — now finds the superhero enlisting The Others to help locate a missing relic in the American Southwest before his enemies can get to it.

Ostrander, who created Grimjack with Timothy Truman three decades ago, made his DC Comics debut on the 1986-87 miniseries Legends, the launch pad for the publisher’s then-new takes on the Justice League, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel and the Suicide Squad. It was while working on the latter series that he and his wife/frequent collaborator Kim Yale introduced Barbara Gordon’s new identity as Oracle. Ostrander’s credits also include Manhunter, Hawkworld, The Spectre, Firestorm, Martian Manhunter and Star Wars: Legacy.

Aquaman #20 goes on sale May 22.




so this is going to interrupt the current storyline? That’s kinda lame

I love me some John Ostrander comics.

I’d love it even more if we had some more Suicide Squad collections (hint hint). Or some Spectre collections. (I realize it’s a format almost certainly on its way out, but can you imagine how beautiful Tom Mandrake’s art would look in a Showcase Presents black and white edition? You could get all 64 issues (including #0 and Annual) into three volumes, two if you’re willing to make em nice and fat.)

That’s great!


April 24, 2013 at 8:14 am

John Ostrander, as Johns said, is one of the greats. Everything that I’ve read that he’s written (which includes The Spectre, Martian Manhunter, some Hawkworld/Hawkman and Justice League: Incarnations) has been excellent. He wrote some fill-in issues of Aquaman in the previous volume after Rick Veitch left that were just great (better than how Veitch ended his “water-bearer” storyline imo). I really wish he was writing a new DC ongoing series. Why can’t DC get him, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid, Chuck Dixon and other great writers back? Why did Didio have to alienate/anger Ruck and Waid? Heck, what’s the company have against Ostrander, Ordway, and Ron Marz (wasn’t he fired after like 1 issue of Voodo for no reason whatsoever?). I really don’t want to believe it, but it honestly looks like a lot of the writers who have quit or been fired by DC are right, the company doesn’t care about how good a writer you are anymore, they figure they can get anyone to write the characters, and that’s a real shame, when you don’t have someone like John Ostrander writing your books anymore.

I haven’t bought one single issue of Aquaman, but I’ll be picking this up to support John Ostrander.

I’d love to see Ostrander on a regular New 52 book, even if it’s not Suicide Squad.

I would read a grocery list written by John Ostrander if DC published it, he’s one of my all time favs.

From the way Johns had described the issue on Twitter, it actually wasn’t interrupting the storyline he was starting. It may actually be more seamless then we think.

S**t, his fill-ins 2003 Aquaman were godawful.

In all fairness, that entire Aquaman series stunk after the first year.

As for now, any reason to give him more books is a good one. Guy on was on his death bed not too long ago and had almost no work in 2011. Now he’s on Phantom Stranger, Aquaman, and Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi.

Ditto; it’s simply great to see Ostrander doing some work for DC. There are scores of Ostrander’s series that deserve trade collecting, of which the upcoming collection of his Martian Manhunter work only scratches the surface — Suicide Squad, Spectre, Firestorm, and so on.

Might be interesting to see another writer try and tackle the Geoff Johns Aquaman mythos. I’ll pick it up for sure.

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