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Marvel heralds a big (purple) appetite for ‘Age of Ultron #10 U.C.’


On the heels of this morning’s July solicitations, which included a mysterious “Classified” listing for a one-shot called Age of Ultron #10 U.C., Marvel has released a teaser that may tip the company’s hand … a little.

Seen in full below, the image depicts the word “HUNGER,” in telltale Galactus purple, repeated over over a cosmic background. Fiddling in Photoshop also reveals what appears to be mountains, but I could be wrong.

The issue is so secret, that Marvel isn’t revealing the writer and artist, or even what the “U.C.” in the title stands for. Whatever it is, it’ll likely spark the next round of Marvelman speculation. (Hey, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso did recently tell Comic Book Resources the company is moving closer to the character’s debut. MickyMoran vs. the Devourer of Worlds? Nah.)

32 PGS./One-Shot/Rated T+ …$3.99




Comic book marketing has gotten so lame.

U.C. is Ultimate Comics, I’ll bet, and this one shot will use AoU to launch the next cosmic crossover that will utilize Galactus, Thanos, Warlock, GotG, Nova, and the Ultimate universe in addition to the standard Avengers.

It’s a little hard to tell what we’re looking at there. If you highlight the image, you can see a large “HUNGER” repeated from top to bottom. And maybe mountains.

Comments has gotten so lame.


U.C. is Universal Century. It’s used to describe when mankind forms a united world government and begins to colonize outer space. The notation was first used in Mobile Suit Gundam.

Mountains? Those are balls… (for the “Arrested” fans out there…. ;))

U.C.= Ultron Consumed!

Marvel is FINALLY doing the offical board-game-to-comics adaptation of Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Only this time, it’s to the extreme. The hippos have become not just hungry hungry but rather hungry hungry hungry hungry hungry hungry.

UC stands for “unlimited chomping” because this time, Earth and it’s marbles don’t stand a chance.

@ swampy

Pretty sure that’s just for Gundam though, and Bandai has the rights to that. Yup, I think Ultimate Comics is much more likely since, y’know, it is the most important and best selling of Marvel’s imprints. Marvel has already said the next Big Thing is a cosmic crossover, they’ve been setting it up in other books and launching new books specifically for it like GotG, Marvel has a tendency to have their events lead into each other, they’ve been experimenting with crossovers with the Ultimate and 616 universes with their Spider-men minis (I think a second one was just greenlit?), and multi-earth stuff is pretty cosmic. I think there’s a lot more evidence supporting an Ultimate/616 crossover than this being a one-shot set-up for an intercompany Bandai/Marvel Gundam/MU story.

Universal Cockup?

If not that, my second guess is that the actual title of the comic is Hunger Hunger Hunger Hunger Hunger Hunger and it’s a a photonovel about Tom Brevoort’s trip to Old Country Buffet.

My third guess is that the marketing guy was supposed to send his ad copy to the graphics department but it was getting REALLY close to lunch and he skipped breakfast and this was all he could come up with.

uc is proably the ulimate version of galactus is going to show up and maybe cross over with the 616 universe to make sure ultron does not go after the ulimate universe. for wouldn’t be surprised if the writers of the ultron saga have the heros wind up winning with help from the big purple guy and maybe also a certain long waited for to return miracle man

So how many “Age of Ultron” #10s will Marvel eventually release? 10A’s due in May and now 10UC is due for June. What’s next 10XYZ in July with 10¾ in August, 10π in September before turning it into an ongoing series in ints own universe? I feel kind of bad for the folks who decided that they’d pick up a 10-issue limited series and skip all the crossovers only to find out the “10 issues” aren’t the whole story after all. (Of course, I can imagine all the fanboy outrage if DC pulled this kind of stunt while ignoring Marvel’s doing it. But that seems to be SOP among comic fans.)

Spoiler: Galactus transforms into Marvel Man at the conclusion of Age of Ultron.

ultron goes to the ultimates universe and kills it

You are all wrong. Hunger is a cosmic entity that Thanos and Galactus had to defeat a long time ago (forget which Comic). Hunger devours entire universes which ties into Jonathan Hickmans ‘New Avengers’ story that evolves into the Infinity event later this year. In Hickmans ongoing New Avengers series, a universe was destroyed causing a gradual (and continuous) decline in all realities in the multiverse. It sounds like this is the return of this entity that was so powerful that Galactus and Thanos had to team up to defeat.

Glad to see the Big G is getting involved. Also wouldn’t be surprised if Ultron has a Galactus protocol already in place.

As for Beaker300’s theory, I doubt it.

The Hunger was from Starlins Thanos 1-6, and is an inter-dimensional being who devours universes and tricked Galactus in to freeing him using the Infinity Gems. While The Hunger did escape at the end of the event, I just don’t find him to be the kind of character Hickman would use. He is very goofy with a very poor character design. He breaks the fourth wall and isn’t very original. If Hickman does use him I would expect him to lose all humour and be transformed in to something completely different

dunno what it stands for. but that purple color reminds me of hawkeye

What the!

Does no one else see DARKSEID in this image?

What about adding to this? I’m sure a unified Ultron / Tyrant could bring Marvel Cosmic into the AoU fold.

ultimate cataclysm

Galactus EATS the Ultimate Earth.

good bye all Ultimate comics

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