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Patton Oswalt pitches insane ‘Star Wars’/Marvel crossover


Fresh from his turn as Penguin in CollegeHumor’s “Badman,” comedian and occasional comics writer Patton Oswalt pays a visit to Pawnee, Indiana, to pitch his idea for the ultimate Star Wars/Marvel Universe crossover.

Oswalt, who appears on Thursday’s episode of Parks and Recreation as a citizen who filibusters a city council vote, was asked by producers to ramble a while about the subject of his choice. What he delivered instead is a remarkable, and wholly improvised, eight-minute proposal for the plot of Star Wars: Episode VII that begins with the resurrection of Boba Fett before incorporating appearances by Spider-Man, Moon Knight, Daredevil, the X-Men, Mister Fantastic and the entire pantheon of Greek gods, and then ending in … exhaustion. Yes, it’s all done in one take.

Watch the full glorious scene below, and see what makes it to television when Parks & Rec airs Thursday at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.



We watched this at work and could NOT stop laughing!

Well, that’s just stupid.

He had me up until the X-Men showed up in a quinjet. The Avengers have quinjets and they would never allow the X-Men to have one, especially after the events of Avengers Vs. X-Men, which means the whole thing falls apart.

If this is the direction they go in for the next movie, they won’t be getting my money. I can tell you that right now.

goddamn geolocking!

Shut up, make this movie and take my money Disney!

This is the geeky version of “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”!

Ha, can’t wait to watch the episode!


And leave it to Captain Obvious to rain his feces parade on a good joke, you do realize that people that watch the movies don’t care about what’s happened in the comics. P.S. This is a comic book site…we know…now go home Mike your drunk XD

But X-23 isn’t Wolverine’s daughter, she’s his female clone.

The greatest 8 minutes you will have today.

You can tell he was getting tired after he confused the blackbird with the quinjet, Patton knows his stuff.

It’s better than the prequels.

Patton Oswalt = THE King Uber-Geek of the Web … BRAVO!!!

That was very entertaining.

I respect Patton, but this pitch isn’t that funny to me. I respectfully disagree that he’s the king uber-geek of the internet, and I think sir Kev Smith would’ve done this funnier thank you goodnight

Ah, there is no bit of creativity in the world that people won’t hesitate to dismiss anonymously as uncreatively “meh” on the internet.

But the X-Men have a Blackbird! And c’mon! Havok could probably borrow a Quinjet as leader of the Uncanny Avengers!

Oh, HamFisted. I’m so sorry for you that you feel that way. Patton Oswalt > Kevin Smith in every way imaginable.

Oh, and Mike? Your comment was so damn funny. Did you honestly think Oswalt was proposing an actual movie like this? You didn’t, did you?

“Ah, there is no bit of creativity in the world that people won’t hesitate to dismiss anonymously as uncreatively “meh” on the internet.”

I didn’t happen to enjoy it, so what? I’m a postive guy, and I said my opinion in a respectful manner, not everyone needs to have the same view guy

Fero, Mike was kidding–he was pretending to be the type of fanboy that would respond that way.

What I love is that Patton said Moonknight was an A-lister; I loves me some Moonknight, but I don’t know if I’d put him over Hawkeye when it comes to drawing power lol

These regional bans are so stupid and small-minded. You’re getting your money from international sales, NBC, don’t worry. And since the DVD market is dead, you might consider that promoting these things worldwide could actually be a good thing.

Of course, talking logic with NBC is not the smartest move in itself, so yeah…

at the end, some one should have poured Gatorade on him…..

Now granted, the Marvel Movieverse, doesn’t necessarily have to have all the same rules as the real MU, but at this point, the rule is that an infinity gaultlent is only viable at the univers of it’s origin. As such, the Marvel infinity guantlent wouldn’t work in the Star Wars unvierse…unless of course we have Thanos gathering the infinity gems of that universe, or we suggest that the Star Wars Universe, is infact the 616 unvierse, just long long ago…perhaps…perhaps, the star Wars Unvierse, is the Universe that Galen, (who becomes Galactus, comes from. Essentially, Thanos uses the 616 infinity guantlet to jump to the universe that existed prior to the current unvierse, and there finds the Star Wars Universe, his plan to destroy it, there by preventing his own universe, and eternity (and death itself as well as Galactus) from ever coming into existence. Thus honoring Death with the gift that would always have been denied her, oblivion itself for all things…O.k. now we have a movie!

Nick Fury shows up and Luke is all “WTF aren’t you dead?”.

Dr. Doom vs Vader

Sasquatch vs Chewbaca

Luke uses the force on Magneto. Doesn’t work.

Sam Jackson Fury dies, Han Solo becomes new Fury.

Moon Knight… A-Lister… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Best joke in the whole thing.

Love his placing Moon Knight as an A-lister. He will always be in my heart.

Anyone who is actually breaking this down continuity wise please relax the whole point is that its completely absurd from every imaginable angle. Which is what makes it great. Its a fan boy having a wet dream continuity be damned. Trust me, Patton knows that the X-men fly in a blackbird.

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