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Promotional push begins for ‘The Best of Milligan & McCarthy’


Brendan McCarthy has taken to Facebook to plug the upcoming Dark Horse collection The Best of Milligan and McCarthy.  He’s been using it to spread rather fetching memetic images from the classic strips in the book: so far, “Freakwave,” “Paradax” and “Skin” have gone up, presumably with similar designs for “Sooner or Later” and “Rogan Gosh” to follow.

I have to admit, I have a horse running in this race, because Brendan and Pete asked me to write an essay for the book, and it proved damned hard getting the reasons of why and how much I love this material down to less than a thousand words. Anyway, I feel jealous of anyone getting to experience this (inspirational, influential) material for the first time. It’s been downright criminal that its been out of print for so long.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll fall in love, you’ll walk funny for a week.



McCarthy also posted this rather cool image, taken by his brother Jim (a fellow comic artist), of Pete and him on the promotional trail for Vortex’s Paradax #1 in 1987. Great shades, but it looks like Pete Milligan really disapproves of smoking.




I have everything except Skin, but I’m SO getting this !

I own Rogan Gosh and Skin, but will still be picking this up!!!

I only have Skin, so I’m definitely getting this!

Long overdue and very, very highly anticipated. The ‘And More’ bit is the most intriguing thing about this collection… A good job I like surprises, although I know I can’t go wrong – as Brendan’s editing the book, it’ll be all thriller, no filler.

So is this book going to collect the entirety their work on each series? I’m most interested in a complete Rogan Gosh, but I’ll probably buy the book regardless.

I have all of them including the Paradax remix, but now I can get another copy and its the perfect Christmas present for those lame souls who have never read M&Ms work.

When do we get Milliigan and Ewins, it cant be tooooo soon!

This collection is a dream come true for me as some of the Milligan-McCarthy collaborations are notoriously difficult to come by. Here’s hoping for a collection of Milligan-Fegredo-Vertigo comics (Girl, Face) somewhere down the line.

Mark- Do you know what the ‘and more’ contents will be? Mirkin? Electric Hoax? Summer of Love?

Jason Azzopardi

August 22, 2013 at 6:08 am

I’d love a Milligen/Fegredo volume, as well. I believe most of their Vertigo stuff is out of print, and I’m pretty sure the copyright belongs to them now, so a hardcover collection of Enigma, Face, Girl and all their short stories would be just the ticket.

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