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Quote of the Day | ‘It just seemed like a good time’


“It just seemed like a good time. I introduced the ‘Hell on Earth War,’ which shook things up to such a degree that it seemed to me that I could not really top it. This series has been going for 10 years, and the sales were solid but not huge. It just somehow seemed a logical, dramatic climax to everything that I’ve been doing.”

– writer Peter David, explaining to Comic Book Resources why he decided to end X-Factor in September with Issue 262



I’m sad. This was the book that brought me back as a monthly reader. When I saw #1 on the shelf with Madrox, Siryn and Monet (!) on the cover I knew I had to go back and read a monthly.

While it’s true that nothing lasts forever, it’s still sad that X-Factor is ending. My concern is that the characters PAD imbued with such life will just end up as wallpaper or, worse, be killed off to make some stupid event “important.”

It’s been an(other) amazing run. PAD is a master of his craft, and able to give each character he touches a distinctive voice and purpose. Some of his stories have been fantastic, some have been eh, but the overall ride of X-Factor, even going back to the original series, has long been one of my favorites. Here’s hoping PAD continues to recover quickly, and has another dozen projects coming our way soon.

The upside to anything written by PAD is that you know that, barring low sales or editorial interference, he will stay on a book pretty much forever. The downside is that nothing lasts forever, and so after 8 great years, I’m losing my favorite monthly comic and the industry as a whole is losing one of its most consistently well written titles.

I agree with Lorrie above, that I hope that Marvel doesn’t decide to put these characters in limbo, or toss out all the hard work and characterization PAD and his artists have put into making them the most believable, and likable, cast in the Marvel universe.

Thanks again for the great run, PAD, and I hope you continue feeling better. I’ll be looking forward to whatever you write next.

I’m happy I at least got to meet PAD at a con a few years back to tell him how much I loved the book, how it brought me back to comics and how much I loved his character work with Jamie, Layla etc. I also thanked him for making M a part of the team. I loved her since Day 1 of Generation X and would follow her just about anywhere. I just hope we’ll see her again under PAD’s pen.

PAD is one of my favorite creators. I will miss this book (the only X-book that I read on a monthly basis). I wish him a speedy continuing recovery and, if he wishes it, a new series to work on.

I’m sad. X-Factor is one of my favorites and has been since it started. It’s going to be missed.

Jake Earlewine

April 29, 2013 at 1:15 pm

Sad news.

Peter David’s run was one of the best written comic books of the last ten years — and it was certainly THE most stable and consistent-quality comic book published in the last ten years by either Marvel or DC.

Keep up the great work, Peter — and healing beams to you!

(and we fans can now watch as Marvel renumbers and reboots X-Factor beyond recognition and begins another game of musical chairs with writers and artists)


May 2, 2013 at 1:53 pm

Sad. I’ll continue completeing the entire set. I enjoy re-reading X-factor like I do my Secret Six collection, or my Titans boos.

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