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Quote of the Day | ‘This show is a different animal’

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“I think fans of the comics recognize that this show is a different animal. There are big departures that have happened on the show before and it’s the show’s M.O. at this point. I think people are seeing that it doesn’t really preclude other big storylines from the comic book when we put a death in the show. We are still very much following the path of the comic book and you’ll see a lot of that in Season 4. There are going to be differences from time to time and some big differences. People know the comic still exists, and I want people to experience both and get a somewhat different experience. I think it’s cool that there are differences that are going to make the show as dramatic, startling and unpredictable as the comic book was the first time you read it. That’s really what we’re going after.”

Robert Kirkman, responding to a question regarding potential concerns that a major development in last night’s Season 3 finale of The Walking Dead might alienate fans of the long-running comic series



The show sucks. Plain and simple. The comic used to be good, back when you could tell Kirkman was actually trying to write. Now it’s obvious he focuses his time on other things and the comic has suffered from it.

@Linda B: Amen. People can apologize for it, and make excuses all they want, but man was this season some bad television. Not even bad Walking Dead, not bad zombies, just plain bad television. Horrible writing.

The TV series should be different since if it was the same as the comics, then you would already know what to expect if you read the comics. If you like how the storyline ends in the comics better, then you can always just reads your comics.

I enjoyed this season as well as the last one. If you can stand the okay episodes there are great gems such as “Made to Suffer” and “Clear” in this season.

To all those fans who only liked the first season, well I would just say, it would feel weird to me to call myself a fan of any show, but to only like 6 out of its 35 episodes.

@Linda B:
I think Kirkman’s writing ability is suffering due to the fact that his stories feel kinda aimless after the first 70 (give or take) issues. Or maybe it just takes that long to realize that he has no aim for the stories other than to keep them going as long as he can. I don’t know, but I got bored with both The Walking Dead and Invincible after a while.


April 1, 2013 at 3:38 pm

The vast majority of TWD’s viewers have never read the comic (and they probably never will). That alone tells me it doesn’t matter all that much if the show follows closely the comic or not. Plus, imho, most fans of the comic would prefer the least possible changes or don’t care as long as the show moves in the same general direction or don’t care as long as the show’s good or don’t care as long as the changes are perceived as not negative/damaging to the characters/story as they like it.

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