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Quote of the Day | Vaughan on ‘Saga’s’ Apple problem


“Fiona and I could always edit the images in question, but everything we put into the book is there to advance our story, not (just) to shock or titillate, so we’re not changing shit.”

— writer Brian K. Vaughan, responding to Apple’s rejection of this week’s Saga #12 because of two panels depicting pretty explicit, if relatively small, images of gay sex (they’re on Prince Robot IV’s head-monitor). There’s already debate online whether gay sex is Apple’s issue, or whether it’s explicit sex in general, but it’s worth noting that the company apparently had no problems with the comic’s previous obvious depictions of cunnilingus, and penetration (of the heterosexual variety, complete with erect penis), not to mention the assorted sex shots that left a little something to the imagination.

We’ll not talk about that giant’s pendulous scrotum, which has to be the most “explicit” thing to appear in Saga. Certainly the most disturbing.

Updated: ComiXology issued a statement saying that it, not Apple, rejected Saga #12.




April 9, 2013 at 1:19 pm

Fuck Apple. The Walmart of the new millenium.

I think this is hilarious.
But look at the second page, there are two erect penises in one panel plus a head. That to me constitutes an orgy and orgies aren’t traditional. Thus, they are inappropriate.

(See, Apple Content Control Squad (TM) I know what is what! Please hire me!)

“I’m a Mac.”
“And I’m a PC. So Mac, I heard that you allow people to buy comics with big ogre dicks, but not any that depict consenting gay sex.”

Tim Cook, Apples CEO, is gay… So obviously Apple is completely homophobic. Damn, people jump to conclusions quick nowadays.

Just because the CEO is gay doesn’t mean his company can’t do anything homophobic.

So, does this mean the issue won’t be included in the collected edition down the road? (I like downloading collected editions rather than single issues.)

Apple has an odd policy. I mean Izneo uploaded thousands of European comics the other day, of which 1,500 had to be taken down again, because of “sexual” images. Even Blake & Mortimer. Seriously Apple?

Quick, gang, what’s more disgusting: Apple’s cowardice, or Apple’s hypocrisy?

Gotta love when geeks defend comic porn in a pretty awful book that’s only popular because it’s a shock comic, no matter what the creators say.

Your personal opinion of the book isn’t relevant, AppleDevil; the censorship is the issue. Fans are rushing to defend artistic freedom and equal/fair guidelines, which doesn’t, and shouldn’t, be based on one’s personal tastes.

The facts are very simple: other material of this nature (in the same series, even!) was released via Apple with no issue, yet this specific comic gets banned outright. It’s worth asking why.

Is the issue still available on the Comixology website? If so, buy it there…Vaughan and Staples get more of your money that way, anyway.

Okay, I’m not reading the book but I was thinking about ordering the trade. So can someone explain how those images “advance the story”?

Hey pg,

Do a little research and you find Apple to be routinely named a top “gay friendly” company for years, and quotes like this:

“Apple donated $100,000 to help defeat Prop 8 in California. It also promptly removed an Anti-Gay iPhone Application from its store. The HRC Buyer’s Guide gave Apple a perfect score for its treatment of LGBT employees.”

Just because something “gay” is removed doesn’t mean it was because of homophobia.

I don’t like censorship but honestly I wish comics publishers, writers, and artists could be bothered to be classier and not always go gunning for the shock value to make their stuff seem “edgy”.

The mad rush to use lots of gore and sex all to secure the idea that comics aren’t just for kids seems to have resulted in little more than putting them in some weird nether realm of to the side of horror movies and porn. So now comics aren’t for kids in the least and are instead for only for an ever dwindling swath of darkness obsessed teens and adult males. .

In all fairness though it is pretty clear that Saga is not meant as a general audience kind of thing and if Apple hasn’t had any sort of stance on explicit material before then it is very odd that they pick the moment things get non-hetero to start doing so.

And since Robot 6 hasn’t reported an update exonerating Apple and blaming Comixology:

“Comixology, not Apple, responsible for comic book’s censorship [updated]” –> follow link:

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