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So your Macbook isn’t quite ‘comic booky’ enough? Try this


This awesome-looking comics-themed Macbook keyboard skin has been doing the rounds on design blogs, but I saw it on HiConsumption. For an atrocious, eyes-on-the-keyboard, six-fingers-in-a-claw, typist such as myself, it’d be a nightmare. But it does look fantastic. It’s from Killer Duck Decals, and is available from its Etsy store.

The accompanying blurb shows them to be very witty people, indeed: “Zorro instead of Zatanna because I didn’t want to deal with the top hat, sorry”; “Our skins are meant to make your stuff look cooler, not make them bomb proof. So don’t go flashing them around in the bad part of town and skipping them across lakes because they do not grant your electronics super-powers.”

There’s a few inspired choices on this thing (check out the “Y” key), and a couple I’ll admit I’m baffled by. (What are the icons on the “O” and “D” keys referring to? I presume I’ll kick myself when someone points them out.)





D is Deadpool… not sure on O yet. And I really want this!

Want this. So badly.

i think the “O” key is from Grant Morrison’s Sebastian O mini series.

What is “U” and “K”?

U is Ultra Lad from Legion of Superheroes.
K is Kid Flash

K is Kid Flash and U is Ultra Boy. Silver Age DC man!
Wish O was Omega (The Unknown), but I don’t know what it is…

I want this so bad…..

Love that SHAZAM! Is the return key. I’m going to shouting that from now on anyway, whenever I use that button!

O looks like the O in Orko’s shirt, but I’m not sure if He-Man is comic booky enough for this.

Y is from the graphic novel series “Y the last man.” Awesome stuff, check it out if you get a chance.

DON’T BUY FROM THEM. They sent my order wrong and I have emailed them three times and they have done nothing to resolve the issue. They haven’t even replied to my emails.

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