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U.K.’s ‘Off Life’ reaches its fourth issue, its best yet

Off Life 4 large

We’ve been following the progress of the free U.K. street-press anthology Off Life since July, before the launch of the first issue, and now it’s up to its fourth. It’s released today in its home city of Bristol (for a cross-cultural comparison, we’ll call it “the U.K.’s Portland”), with the digital edition arriving on Thursday; the print version hits London on Saturday.

It may also be their best issue yet, featuring work by such stalwarts of the U.K. indie scene as Warwick Johnson-Cadwell, Dan Berry, Oliver East and Sean Azzopardi; a very entertaining group interview with three more of the best new cartoonists in the U.K., Hannah Berry, Jack Teagle and Isabel Greenberg; and fulfills editor Daniel Humphry’s mission statement of breaking some interesting-looking new talent, most of which I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on after this. How about some preview art after the break?

The Unvisible Man, by the great Warwick Johnson-Cadwell

The Unvisible Man, by the great Warwick Johnson-Cadwell

internet ruined

How The Internet Ruined Your Life #1, by Paul Williams

Hipster Haircut

Hipster Hairdo, a great little one page strip by Phillip Marsden


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